** LIVE from Idaho Falls Native American Dance

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44 thoughts on “** LIVE from Idaho Falls Native American Dance

  1. Sorry but it kinda reminds me of Tibetans /Mongolian native dance !
    The drum beats , the steps etc. ,….not all but 70 % !
    Maybe they have migrated thousands years ago from there when land bridge from Russia north east and Alaska was not under the sea permanently !

  2. I'm not a cultural relativist, I don't pretend every culture is equal just to not offend. So I mean it when I say their music is absolutely abysmal. Also how do we know this is a traditional anything? Given they didn't have writing they'd only know what is passed down orally. When we do this it's called myth and treated only as a novelty, but when other indigenous people do it it's considered rote and questioning it gets you the rope. I've never understood that. Here in Australia it is now a legal requirement to teach children aboriginies have been here 'forever', and 'since the dream time'. Even though we know that isn't true.

    The duration they've been here expands by 10,000 years every decade, yet physical evidence has not changed since the 1950's (besides the odd painting appearing places they want to claim, often in carbon black which cannot be dated). Given that I've seen 'elders' drop flint tools and bones around a site to stop a government development and claim it's ancient aboriginal land I have learnt to be skeptical of people who seem to think being somewhere longer gives them more entitlements (yet those entitlements don't apply to say my family who have been here longer than Ahmed down the street, no, if I try that argument that's called racism – and rightly so).

  3. hi im native american from canada i live in { Elsipogtog = River of Fire } New Brunswick this is cool that you have a jingle dress dancer in here her dance meens that shes praying for the sick ppl to get better and she trys too take ther sickness away ffrom them its a prayer dance your lucky they aloud you too video tape it nice i like it

  4. Lol…I am Native-watch Amagansett Press all the time but never expected to see this today-LOL. I am dying over here missing all my powwows. I need to dance. This is the longest I have ever gone without dancing to our heartbeat! I was headlady at a small Dance late in the winter and that’s the last one…

  5. That was BEAUTIFUL Thank you for filming and sharing. Can you imagine at how many generations that was passed down from, Again Thanks !

  6. Wonderful video, thanks for sharing. The drum is excellent, as was the lady dancing. The lady's regalia is called a jingle dress. The jingles are metal cones attached to the dress.

  7. Thank you for sharing this video. l come from Brantford Ontario and every year we have a Pow Wow outside our city on the Indian Reservation. It is the highlight of the summer season. Unfortunately this year it has been canceled for the first time because of the covid virus.

  8. It makes me sad to see these amazing videos of the beautiful good things in our country don't get near as many views🥺 😎😉 this one was a very nice treat 💙💜 thanks guys

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