Little Rock Police Conduct Warrantless Search of Drug Offender

Today’s story brings us back to The Natural State, where some background information may be necessary to understand what’s going on.

Arkansas Code § 16-93-106 states that a person who is placed on supervised probation or released on parole is required to agree to a waiver as a condition of his or her supervised probation or parole that allows any law enforcement officer or Department of Community Correction (“DOCC”) officer to conduct a warrantless search of his or her person, place of residence, or motor vehicle at any time, day or night, whenever requested by the law enforcement officer or DOCC officer.

The law requires that any warrantless search conducted based on a waiver must be conducted in a “reasonable manner” but does not require that it be based on an articulable suspicion that the person is committing or has committed a criminal offense.

Signing such a waiver is required in order to be eligible for supervised probation or parole.

(In case you are confused about what Officer Cole Reppond was pleasantly surprised to find on Bill, the answer is “Nothing.”)


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50 thoughts on “Little Rock Police Conduct Warrantless Search of Drug Offender

  1. For some reason when he got frustrated with the computer it reminded of that one office freak out where the guy starts punching his keyboard and throws it all than his co worker in the next cubicle peeks over. Lol.

  2. I always forget to "like" these videos. So here is my shameless plug for the channel (not sponsored) "Please like this video and and subscribe if you want to see more videos like this!" For the LULZ!

  3. Officer: checks the flashlight
    Me: Oh shit I'd never have thought of that.

    But for real, if Bill was trying to quit cold turkey I bet that having cops search you and find nothing was great for keeping his morale up. That's an invisible struggle he's fighting.

  4. This war on drugs BS needs to stop. Leave the man alone and go out and actually stop some bad guys who are doing harm to others. I don't even know why we claim we live in the land of the free. I guess if we are told it's the land of the free enough times, we actually start believing it, regardless of nonsense like this.

  5. Laws are laws but this is not the guy endangering the community. Way to many major violent crimes going on wasting resources on a guy doing paperwork in his work truck

  6. I hope Officer Reppond got some tums for this shift. This is the second video i've seen of him and his partner. They were the ones who found the guy with the defaced gun and treated him with respect and ultimately let him go after a stern warning to never pickup guns off the street and NOT take them immediately to the police.

  7. hummmm warrantless is a broad term in this instance, it seems the gentlemen pulled over has probations about possession of drugs, that gives the police limited authority to search someone and their immediate possessions in certain areas. now to figure out if in this particular place they do.

  8. Yeah he just treats the cops good and dont scare them or give em any shit and look how it goes down.. I do the same exact thing and there usually as cool to u as u are to them. It's pointless to mess with them guys. Just get your ticket and get gone boys

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