34 thoughts on “Liberty Missouri Complaint Form

  1. Try out Riverside Missouri! They like to travel outside of their response area with their license plate readers still turned on. I find that disturbing! I really like Liberty MO it’s traffic sucks but great town.

  2. Title we got a call about a camera. Meanwhile they are everywhere. Street poles, business entrances, lobby's, all public buildings, train stations, bus stations, airports, govt buildings etc. But how dare a citizen film such locations. A camera probably viewed the people that are being told you cant video. Wtf.

  3. Cops really are nothing but FEELINGS POLICE and ENFORCEMENT ONLY “NOWADAYS “ as they like to say so often NOWADAYS is the copsplaining go to word. That or “ OFFICERS SAFETY” is what they love to use for unlawful and illegal orders ‘!! ALL POLICE are badly trained individuals! They may be GREAT PEOPLE AND HUMAN BEINGS! But there all terrible at deescalating situations or basic civil and constitutional rights it’s terribly sad and we must change this or live with the absolute tyranny and overreach. Thanks guys YOUR HEROES keep up the education on this organized crime called "law enforcement" we ALL NEED.

  4. @jamesfreeman I remember two months back a highway state trooper pulled me over for allegedly speeding but he was the one who flew by me for no apparent reason going over 100mph. But he had time to slow down because he was watching my speed. Pulled me over and said I was speeding and using my phone even though it was mounted hands free GPS never touched, than he lied to me and told me he can go fast as he wants section 10.3 something 4 I looked it up no such thing his sergeant called me because I complained and disciplined the officer! So they say! One other time a cop pulled me over and told me he could edit a past ticket of mine. But I’m sure if I had all this on the record they could be fired for lying under oath that’s what I’m gonna start doing but I like your work a lot your brave and stick up for not just you but the “people”

  5. The reason they don't want what they consider weapons in government buildings is so "WE THE PEOPLE" have no way to Defend ourselves when the government ATTACKS it's BOSSES/"WE THE PEOPLE"! (What they consider Weapons I consider to be Tools)

  6. "I actually go around the country routing out ????? and exposing them to the people? A door opens right when he says what he is routing out, what did he say? it didn't sound like terrorists like someone mentioned.

  7. They are not "Checking it out", they are making a living. Police who respond to "calls" are providing SERVICES and they need to charge for those services. This is why they need your ID. Your ID is connected to your SS Account which pays for the Services Police provide. You or more correctly your Straw Man (JOHN DOE) pays for you to be arrested, another service Police are happy to provide.

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