Last name? Audits. Audits? Yeah | NO recording in public areas of Courthouse

Rogue Nation and had an adventure in and around Nassau county. One stop landed us in contact with a sergeant. He provided a court order and while stupid, its valid.


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  1. Two of the best auditors who know that in this instance it needs to be carefully unravelled. A good exchange between all three

  2. Great officer here, just doing what the judge mandates. The change has to come from challenging the judge, not the officer. Well, that’s how this was received and the interaction was very positive by all. Great video guys, thank you !

  3. 0:45 Violating a judge's administrative order will get you arrested for contempt of court. Then you will have to appeal that arrest in an appeals court. Based on hourly rates and time involved, an average appeal can cost $20,000 to $50,000. Short, single-issue appeals may be lower. Complex appeals, including those involving voluminous records, can be higher as would be an appeal that finds its way to the Supreme Court.

  4. Judges have ruled the courthouses for decades, no photography was in place 20yrs ago, difference is everyone always has a camera now, but then usually only press and photographers carried them around. No filming in courtroom started to protect jurors, then went to hallways outside court to protect witnesses. Sometime long ago, since it was judges courtroom, they got to make the rules. They must have been challenged by now and not overruled. Judges have gotten out of control and think they own everything in the CH so they say no photos in building and get away with it.

  5. I can under stand a Judge issuing a Court Order prohibiting video/audio recording in HIS/HER Courtroom, but not in the entire courthouse. It isn't HIS/HER Courthouse, it our Courthouse!

  6. Administrative order, that apples to employees and staff, not the general public. In order to apply to the general public, it needs to be an ordinance or law.

  7. If a judge wants ‘no recording in the courthouse’, why, being an educated member of the bar, would the judge not take the proper LEGAL steps to make his ‘wants’ into law? This is merely a judges wishes or wants, his rule. Never became a BILL therefore can’t be made into a LAW.
    It all stems from an insane belief in a GRANTED power. The power to decide whether to allow recording in the public courtroom. Then judges take that granted power and abuse it by extending it to areas outside the courtroom.
    A public servant dictating their ideas as rules or policies, then trying to enforce them as laws.

  8. Looks to me like this Sergeant is smarter than the judge. He might have a more civil and legal approach to photography if he was actually in charge of the courthouse.

  9. Ironic that some small town pissy ass judge that was either elected or appoint to be a judge IN A COURT ROOM, assumes he has jurisdiction over the whole court house !!! WHY ????? Who gave him that power that over rides the higher courts and the constitution ??? That SOB needs a serious attitude adjustment !!!

  10. No one is ever going to "train" the old dog. He is an order follower and no ability to think on his own. He would never say no to the paycheck either. He needs to be sent to pasture.

  11. Every time a government cuck uses the phrase "this day in age" as a reason to violate rights they lose all respect from me

  12. Exactly where in the Constitution does it state that Judges have the power to Legislate (through Adminstrative Orders) or that they Supercede the document that created them?

    An Adminstrative order is far from being "law" and that particular order is in fact a violation of the Doctrine of Prior Restraint.

  13. Remember judges are attorneys. Many of them “criminal attorneys“, if you know what I mean. Climbing to the top of the justice system hierarchy is their Obsession because they believe that that gives them unchallengeable power. RN is right that it is law but it is not constitutional.

  14. FYI, I googled bolt action news group, you guys popped right up!
    Oh & SJVT needs subs on Best of sjvt, only mentioning it cause he turned me on to you, thank u!

  15. I have always wondered what these court officers would do if a chief judge flipped out and started issuing blatantly illegal orders like – anyone who appears to be handicapped should be discreetly ushered into a gas chamber and euthanized to prevent the spread of 'malformations' into the general population? My point? Tyrants though out history have used the excuse of "just doing their jobs" under the guise of protecting public safety. 🙄 This was the signage above the entrance to many German concentration camps during the second world war: "Arbeit macht frei" (Work will set you free).
    Any government that tells you they must strip you of rights to keep you safe, is by default a tyrants paradise…🤨

  16. I sit here watching these types of things and it really gets me to the point where I just want to f-ing scream. These tyrant motherf-ers get away with this shit all the time. No wonder the country is screwed. You have unlawful,power-hungry , think they can do whatever they want because of their title f**kwads in charge. You either have the ones who bootlick this shit or people like me who see through this tyranny horseshit, and it needs to end. Much respect to all of you auditors out there educating everyone. Let's hope more catch on and realize the actual tyranny we live in and want to change it before we are all exiled from our(what I thought was ) a free country.

  17. Judges offer 'opinions'. Kings issue orders. Judges cannot legally create law, alter law or revoke law. Only Congress can do those things, per the Constitution. Also it was confirmed in the Nuremberg trials that the excuse of "I am/was following orders." is not a viable reason or excuse to violate law, and exposes those who use it, to prosecution.

  18. Just another example of how the system is crooked. Judges are petty tyrants in that building. Like gods really. I remember reading a story about a decade ago of a dad who went to court to watch his son get sentenced. AFTER the sentencing was finished, the dad followed the judge into the bathroom and told him what he thought. The judge charged the dad with contempt of court…in the bathroom. The fact is is that the people who determine what is and isn't legal, are judges. So why not fuck with everyone when there is no oversight.

    The fact of the matter is that this is unconstitutional, in the courthouse and in the courtroom. How can any judge say that the public can sit in and watch a trial and the dictation of the trial be a public record, and yet, you are not allowed to record the proceedings? I'll grant you that certain trials involving minors are an exception but how could they object to a regular trial. Truth is is that they can't. However, if you appeal it, it will go before judges and those judges won't want to give up their power either—all the way to the Supreme Court.

    Did you know that the media can not record while inside SCOTUS? Why? Again, everything that goes on there is fully reported on and is entirely related to the constitution. The media is allowed to be there, write down notes and have access to the transcripts and the written judgements. Why can't they record or film. Because fuck you! This entire system is a mirage run by a bunch of crooked fucks. From city officials, to the police, to the DAs, to the judges, all the way to SCOTUS. I can and you can't because fuck you.


  20. Did he say they allow media to come in all the time and they are allowed even into the court room? But.. you need permission… it's a courtesy thing??? Wow, that really sounds suspiciously like a 1st Amendment rights violation – especially violating independent (we the people) media. That sounds like it needs some further investigation – possibly a prior restraint violation or even a type of cronyism??? Good to see many of you Florida auditors backing up other auditors – love how your all support each other – and us.

  21. Were all (citizens) getting sick of these judges across america doing this. Its happening fast all over. And it's going need a higher up challenge. Judges stepping on 1A rights. I'm not sure if it takes an arrest and challenge in court or what. But it stinks. Need an oversight and investigation into judges all across america.

  22. Let me laugh for a sec, did he just wrote "captain awesome" to describe someone? He might be kind, but useful idiot as usual.

  23. Professionalism, all around! Problem is, one never knows how LEO's will react in the identical situation; civily or immediate hands one?!

  24. Its only valid because the general public has no obligation to utilize that courthouse. A PERSON and PERSONS is not the same as people and peoples. Men and women make up peoples, legal entities make up persons.

  25. The chief judge of the county courthouse in the town I work in… has an administrative order banning recording inside the entire Courthouse. It used to extend to outside on the surrounding sidewalks, but that part got rescinded.

  26. CANNOT believe A judge can just make policy like that and go against the Constitution and a higher court's ruling. They Are NOT the Legislative Branch they are ONLY suppose to uphold existing Law. Great job both of you and nice to see you working together

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