LAPD Sgt Jensen in his own words

Sgt Jensen is talking about this video:
California Guardians video:

So Sgt Jensen and I spoke for around 45mins, back and forth
It was story time, and he ‘explained’ his frame of mind concerning the video that made him a youtube star a year ago…..I did see that video- a year ago- and I didn’t remember the details of the video – I wish I had….
I admit, while talking to him, I did not attempt to explain anything on my end, I basically just let him speak his mind- and in my opinion- he is “hyper-vigilant”…he has served in the military and shared a couple ‘war stories’ with me…
He was very confident in his criticism of California Guardian…
My advice, don’t go around the Sgt doing a lawful activity (filming in public) while wearing a back brace, and standing up for your constitutional rights- because all he will see, is some one plotting an attack…
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34 thoughts on “LAPD Sgt Jensen in his own words

  1. @ Oklahoma.. their still preaching that propaganda. ppl really need to look it up.. IT ALL WAS A INSIDE JOB…!!! just like every other fails flag. 911 on ppl. do ur homework. and dont always believe the SHIT they feed u on mainstream anything..!

  2. Yeah Sgt. Jensen wanted an opportunity to say his opinion and point of view, when i lived in LA, while driving i pulled to the side and followed a cop car he then pulled me over and he asked why are you following me, i responded I'm not following you I'm driving behind you he didn't do anything and took off mad.

  3. Damn Laura. I just watched and commented on your 2 newest videos and being the thorough guy I usually am not I decided to look for any other new material and this video appears to be the one that nearly got away. I see I am late to the party but after 4 days this video has under 2k views. More importantly I see California Guardian was harassed by this sergeant who thinks all his actions are justified. To be fair I didn't watch the other video but I will assume based on your interpretation. (READ MORE)
    Point is very few people I know of get this type of interview where a police man or woman volunteers to open up in front of the camera sharing their thoughts with you and your viewers. I could expand this last sentence in 10 different ways but all of them good. Looking at the few comments visible on my screen. You likely got tons of praise for this video from others well versed on the topic. Katman said what needed to be said in 1 line…a trick I probably need to practice. You likely already knew what I had to say without reading this comment in the first place. In fact I might try to cut back on the compliments and what better time than now?

  4. Hey LaurasharkCW, Learned of you from Tom Zebra's video links nice to see another Auditor with guts out there. Love your videos subscribed 02/25 will help on payday I understand about the car situation glad it's fixed. Nice to know you and just stay safe. Best of luck.

  5. He's asking you how this video would be interesting to YouTube viewers? Is he serious? The reason it ISN'T all that interesting is because LS is standing there videoing you and preventing you from beating the shit out of this man. That's really the whole point of her being there so that no one gets hurt.

  6. You should call this video…Surfer Dudes Vs The public at Large.

    I suggest you move back to your parents house in El Toro and finish that 2 year junior college business degree at Mt. Sac. Maybe then you can get a job that actually puts you in charge of 10 people, and hey…You won't have to violate any kind of oath when you want to be a belligerent bastard to the public you serve.

  7. that… was… stunning… he still doesn't get it, he doesn't get THEIR actions and choices to bastardize the law is the whole problem, not the person doing something they legally are allowed to do… he was trying to come up with as many trigger words as he could as if he was in court… he turned a back brace into a suicide belt, that just goes to demonstrate the level of paranoia they are working with, and a camera seems to be a trigger to that paranoia…

  8. I heard nothing but excuses from that tyrant for how he acted against someone engaged in a constitutionally protected activity. If what he claims in your video were true Laura, then why didn't he go hands on and arrest California Guardian? How does knowing someone's identity change the dynamic of whether or not they're a threat?

    Edited to add: Nothing by cop logic.

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