30 thoughts on “LAPD Harass Photographer at DUI Checkpoint – Tom Zebra

  1. What a "CLOWN"!! Great job documenting this interaction and a "salute" to Tom Zebra (Daniel) for remaining professional, as always, and for accurately communicating his thoughts and concerns. Bravo, to both of you, from 4 1/2 years in the future.

  2. Lazy fucking cop. Whenever these assholes refuse to do their job right, it always seems to be someone else's fault. It's usually the general public they are sworn to serve and protect, they blame.

  3. this is what the military and government fight for …….. for freedom ahahahahahah …. this is why i hate all dumb sheep in the military ….. fighting for our freedom ….. nah you fighting for gangs ……. dont be a sheep …. fuck all government ….. terrorist are fake …..its like the lion king movie ……..

  4. From his age and behaviour you can tell this cop is from the Daryl F. Gates Area of the LAPD. The exact same manner shown by the LAPD cops back in the days: "I am the LAW and youre not." Not a good example for umpcoming police officers. Supervisor? He should get a job in the LAPD parking garage. -.-

  5. When I become  king the first thing I'm going to do is ban all costumes in public. That way cops will look and dress like John Q, Public, then when they want to pretend to be John Wayne someone will slap them back into humility. That goes for judges too, take away their robes and all that is left is a guy in khaki pants and a Polo shirt taking people's money and locking them away in cages. I doubt people will accept it then.

  6. Government gang members hate cameras. They don't want the truth on video. If he didn't have a camera, the gang member wouldn't have said anything to him. When a sidewalk is closed, the city requires signage prior to the closure and a way around. Above the law?

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