LAPD – Complaint Interview – First Amendment Violation Follow Up

Here is the video of events leading up to this complaint interview.

LAPD – Complaint Interview – First Amendment Violation Follow Up

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44 thoughts on “LAPD – Complaint Interview – First Amendment Violation Follow Up

  1. Great investigative technique attempt to redirect the narrative and wanting the complainant to know and speak on the police procedures and what code was allegedly breached. I wouldnt want that Sgt to investigate which of my feet was the left foot. Sorry dude your complaint will be filed in the never to be seen filing cabinet.

  2. I can barely get through watching this without wanting to punch Captain condescending in that stache!! Fuck! Is he not the most pompous prick you'd ever seen?!?! Wow. Nice protocol though eh, let's have the bad cop take the complaint from the person complaining about him. Fuck off. This guy is a gem and not in a good way either.

  3. ………why did you let this POS, talk down to you, he was condescending and confrontational …. This POS, clearly does not want to take you’re complaint seriously, you should have made it clear from the get go, that he appeared to be biased towards you, clearly he was taking offense to you’re complaint because his police policy clearly is made to favor the criminal cops……… sgt Tennello needs to be removed or fired as he is the problem and not the solution! His concern is as phony as the toupee on his head …

  4. Another complaint should have been made with internal affiars as this is bias and another form of laws, violations of civil rights, and constitutional rights… This is the bs and bias especially with his sworn oath

  5. He took a sworn oath and by law for that sworn oath he as a peace officer is to know that policy, amendment, and right of we the people instead of their man made laws cause they have a badge. State and federal violations. In my opinion a smart ass smirk with a sworn oath and badge don't show intelligence .

  6. This Seargents intentions were to aggravate you and get you frustrated, well I was frustrated what a dick, I would have said " listen I'll get back to you with every single code and violation for you you dick" this is why I hate every bad cop.

  7. This LEO's smugness is sickening ….. he knows full well that there's an official LAPD policy on hindering photographers in the public. The fact that you then post their policy as part of the video takes him from smug to stupid in a blink (although we already knew him to be both) …… did he not think you would find and post it ???/ what a fuckstick. AND he's a ranked officer !!!!! ….
    What a moronic piece of play on his part. These idiots put on a costume and think that it somehow magically bestows intelligence, if you had a modicum of intelligence you'd be in a respectable job where you couldn't hide behind a tin badge and a gun.

  8. Since I've seen the videos after this one already…let me just state; This is not a misconduct violation. This is a civil rights violation! Under Title 18 of the USC subsection 242, the officer, his superior on the scene and all other officers in attendance who did nothing to stop his "DEPRIVATION OF RIGHTS UNDER COLOR OF LAW", are all criminally liable! This is a federal law, felony crime under this statute and can be initiated by a writ of appeal for a hearing through the state Attorney Generals office. Their personal bonds are forfeit, they can serve time (up to ten years each) and they will lose their jobs and not be a police officer anywhere else in this country! This is how you stop this shit! You don't tell the head chicken that his roosters are cocky and expect any results. Learn the law! USE IT!

  9. We’ll, That went smooooth… NOT. that assbag liar could not have been less helpful. I’m squirming the whole time as you don’t have the codes and sections of the abuses ! This interview is laughable, further proof that cops cannot police cops.. that thin blue line is sickening

  10. That cop doing interview is soooo full of shit! He needs FIRED ASAP. What a corrupt lying ass, he is saying to the guy who filed complaint, that he dont need to tell him what he relayed to his other corrupt asses? Is this guy the cop sound like he serves and protects. Than he should know policy and be able to relay that to the guy who shouldnt have to that moron a dam thing about policy. This is a complete scam interview, disgusting

  11. His effort isn't forthcoming. The real question is – If I don't know the actual code number of a violation, are you going to pursue codes that apply, which I didn't know the number of? Then, as part of this interview I have a citizen question about your rules and regulations…… What rules are in the police policies to protect someone's right to film in public? As for this Sargent, there is NO WAY he should have been assigned to handle the complaint of a case he was involved in. I would further pursue this IA and object to ANY officer from that division handling it, no less one of the actual accused. Thanks for the follow up though. More people need to do this on EVERY failed audit & show the follow up. Then, a bunch of auditors should assemble & protest in front of the police station with signs & pictures of the cops who violated their rights and higher-ups who didn't do something about it. A new tactic is needed like that, cause most places now are educated and handle it ok.

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