I don’t even know where to start when explaining how bad this incident is….Daniel and I heard sirens flying by his place, we turned the scanner up, and jumped up out the door to see the lights just down his street. We get there quick, and they didn’t have the sheriff tape up yet….Unfortunately I was half distracted by a lady who was standing on the roof of the church across from the young man who was on the ground- we had no idea what was going on yet…but I did manage to get video of the young man with the medical people and sheriff surrounding him. I would say ‘attending to him’ except they weren’t, just a lot of moving him one way or the other, then most taking their gloves off, and then they scooped him up, put him in the ambulance and took him away. I am almost positive he passed away, right there in the street, and that is where 1 of so many dirty parts of this whole thing starts.
In no particular order:

*Multiple witnesses have said the young man was running away after the crash- they shot him in the back right away, he didn’t get but 10 feet from the car

*The media wasn’t told about the passenger, who they arrested right away, no search- NO REASON FOR THE HELICOPTER THEY HAD FLYING ABOVE FOR 45M

*They claim he reversed into an officer after being pulled over- yet there isn’t any word of that over the scanner, then they claim before he sped away, the officer saw a hand gun in the car, then the car hit another car that was pulled over by the highway patrol, and continued on until he hit the pole. NO WORD OF ANY OF THAT OVER THE SCANNER or the permission to perform a pit move – which is why the car crashed, after the sheriff did a pit move on the car.
*Witnesses say he reacted scared and running away, but they shot him.
Homicide Bureau said they found the gun in the car – which means, he did not take it with him, so he didn’t jump out of the car pointing anything at them…..

There is much more, and will be looking for updates to share with you, as they come in…..
1 more note: the perimeter they set up around this ‘crime scene’ was way bigger then needed. They cut of access to and threw the park, they put up sheriff tape every where…..Daniel brought up a good point to me about it: he explained how they were most likely overwhelming the neighborhood as a tactic, to keep anyone who saw anything inside their homes, unable to do interviews…also to keep the neighborhood in a state of fear, so they kept what they know to themselves….
This video was recorded in the city of Lennox CA on Lennox Blvd on Mansel ave, the car crashed and the boy was shot on Lennox Blvd and Firmona Ave.

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  1. Look who I found LT Rodney Moore the LT that couldn't find any information on the female deputy that was sexually harassing me for almost a whole month the weird part is after my misconduct complaint she suddenly vanished this guy is an excellent and compulsive liar

  2. Wow, the Lieutenant is not cute at all. But why shoot him in the back ???? The Sheriff’s are way too aggressive….they didn’t have to kill this young man and in the back. Low

  3. More murdering cops. Amazing how they are able to give a play by play when they were not there or interviewed anyone. They are incompetent lists.

  4. Always conducting an investigation. Two weeks vacation and forgotten about. Sorry but cop cams are evidence and will not be released. Ever. Sure there was fearing for their life.

    It’s unhealthy how I feel about cops but you just can’t believe what comes out of these blue lined thugs mouths.

  5. I am at a loss of words. This is exactly why everyone needs to know their rights and take pics and videos every time they see the cops. Good job on your investigation of the real truth, not the lies spoon-fed by the popo and media.

  6. We are lucky to have ppl like you and tom and ppl like you guys. Im sorry you had to see this. I hope you guys are able to put the truth out there. Be safe.

  7. I hope you guys expose his execution. How is shooting a man in the back. Justified when you shoot him in the back running away from them. Back In the day a man was hung for shooting someone in the back. And your right. He had all the answers to make a justified execution. But never asked the 2 cops that shot him in the back. If he brandished a firearm or had it in his hand or pointed it at them.Oh wait how could they see the gun . They shot him in the back running away. Wow.

  8. Cops black or white can not be trusted to speak the truth.
    They are taught the blue wall will protect them.
    I need to investigate these liars and murderers.
    Guilty until proven innocent.
    What's this cops investigating cops bullshit.
    Shit will be stopped

  9. The other video will surface after they lie on the report and then the arrests will start. Career ending and prison time coming up. Stay tuned.

  10. Yeah I don't believe there was a gun in the car.. It makes no sense… If that was true those deputies would of drawn down right then and there and if the guy tries to flee they would of opened up on him right then.. What it sounds like is they simply shot a unarmed man in the back.. Doesn't matter if they chased him , they always want our money for non lethal weapons but they sure don't like using those option first.. Its always a bullet….its a damn shame we allow it!!!!

  11. Thin blue line at its finest. They wounder why the public hate them. Cops lie that is what they are trained to do. Fuck the 👮!!!!

  12. Must begin writing our state and federal representatives to make changes in law enforcement training. LAW ENFORCEMENT IMMUNITY AND ACCOUNTABILLITY. When leo can be sued personally and get prison time then things will change rapidly. When leo violate policy and law they need to go on a federal list that we the public get access to. Simple things yet I believe they would be effective. Treat them same as child molesters cause they are worse! Believe that!

  13. I am supposed to be leaving for Chicago in a few hours but have been on the street recording because I am pissed this could happen outside my house and nothing can be done about it. The killers got away and I didn't figure out who they could be. But after watching this I understand more. At 5:00 Laura created enough fuss that LASD decided to launch an official cover up and press release. By 5:08 the look of disgust on this pigs face, and comments that follow prove to me that Laura just provided the closest thing to discipline that these cops have seen or will ever see in their entire career. Considering they just killed a man and get to take the rest of the morning off sucking each others dicks, they don't have much to be upset about. As Onus pointed out in the top comment, 8:32 is unphuckingbelievable. This is no longer about the video at hand. Lieutenant just explained how a majority of police investigations are performed and most convictions are created out of thin air. I mentioned in my live stream I could do the press release for him before he started. The truth is I could have done a much more thorough job of telling the story the way they intended to. But they needed 25 guys to tell the dumbest story I can recall hearing. Reality is I haven't been to a police press release recently but this is how they go. Each time I have gone it was because I knew for a fact they murdered a neighbor and were going to get away with it. Anybody can tell the story who has been watching what police do day in and out. I can't even make a point. Not sure what I am most upset about but it probably isn't the attack on this innocent kid. Selfishly it is probably the attack on my 1st amendment rights I have been dealing with for over a decade.
    All in the sudden every stupid comment or reason or excuse they have given to argue or remove me from reviewing their actions just fell apart. They were never right. They should never had any say in what I do or where I stand. I should have been standing on their toes the entire time. Had I been where I belong instead of where they would rather put me, I can't even pretend to know how many lives would have been saved. Pretty sure that is what the 1st amendment was intended to be instead of the memory LASD pieces of shit try to make it.

  14. Obviously no one knows the full details, maybe just MAYBE they seen the guy with a gun. …But if the guy was running AWAY then the police could have disabled him by shooting him in his legs to stop him or shoot him in area they are TRAINED that would not be a lethal hit, So my question is why shoot him to KILL while he was running AWAY? Guess we will have to wait for ALL of the info to surface. May GOD be with this mans family and loved ones.

  15. "Each deputy fired 3 to 4 bullets" unimportant detail that is difficult for a deputy to investigate. It requires removing the clip from the gun and counting. The other 4 to 6 stray bullets flying in the neighborhood is nothing to be concerned about.

  16. Sell out black cops covering up for murderers with badges!!! When did it become acceptable to shoot people in the back???? I was raised that shooting someone in the back is the most cowardly, lily livered thing in the world!!! Keep filming!!! Great job!!!

  17. Cops don't give 2 flying fuck About Killing a innocent person , so why is you talking to the cops , cops is a fucking tyrants cops , fuck the cops

  18. I just watched shared and commented. You should do the same. Incredible video Laura. Katman from Onus News already made the most relevant point that can be made about any police investigation into their own conduct. It is pinned to the top. I suggest you read it just in case you are distracted or overlook what is important while watching the video.

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