Kroger Cop Showdown

I give my main takeaways at the end. Thanks for watching!

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  1. Oh boy. Let's go back to the beginning.
    Gave no thought to maintaining control of his sidearm. Didn't give clear and concise instruction of how to move as desired. Tossed any rulebook out the window as to how to scuffle without backup. Allowed bystanders to approach an insecure situation. Continued using a secondary control measure well beyond its effectiveness. Didn't effectively use the cuffed hand for control (rag doll method). He exhausted himself and confused the detainee.

    Kudos for not giving up sure, persistence was there but control via preparatory forethought or adequate training for this type of scenario wasn't, if you're going to jump in on the back leg you're giving perps every advantage and keep in mind those most likely to resist are into drugs and wannabe gangster culture so will do the stupidist, most suddenly violent things at all the wrong times.

    I've seen perps grab a sidearm during a resisting wrestling match, it's as easy as exploiting a lucky elbow shot to the face. I've seen subdued perps start resisting anew simply because they were physically unable to follow a reductionist instruction when given due to positioning, which is what happened with this one. Instruction during heated moments need to be clear, concise and as detailed as possible, use vocal force to clear your mind. The rule of thumb is for any scuffle, where you don't have backup and do carry a sidearm distance is your first priority because maintaining control of your sidearm is your first priority. In fact it is the lesser of two evils for a shoplifter to get away than a shoplifter to grab a cop's gun. Use your baton not for damage but just for distancing, use it to keep him at arm's length and use forceful instruction and other secondary tools. Keep an eye on bystanders, do not let them approach. I've seen a bystander grab a cop's gun whilst scuffling with a perp too. Finally always remain keenly aware tazers have limited effect and can incite enough rage to overcome them or simply fail to work as desired. I've seen a cop stabbed several times whilst backing away attempting to repeatedly discharge her tazer instead of drawing and discharging her sidearm when she had the chance, the knife was a full sized butcher or survival type and she was basically gutted right there. The instant that tool becomes useless for your purposes drop it without a second thought and move onto something that does work, a short sprint for distance if nothing else and then re-engage, or use it as a small club instead and strike whatever fleshy part might hurt to get the perp the hell off you and get some distance for instruction and authority.

    Authority is your control of the situation. Lose it and you lose all authority. A poor instruction. Teasing a perp with arms reach to your sidearm whilst resisting. A soft scuffle and wrestling match whilst you've a holstered sidearm, go hard next time or go for distance and use intimidation but one way or the other control of the situation and your gun cannot be up for debate and maintaining absolute physical control is the only authority for compliance that you have. If you lose authority even for a moment in a scuffle, get distance immediately and get it back.

    What this guy should've done is the instant he got free of the double headlock wrestle at the start, push the guy back, draw baton to maintain distance and use forceful, detailed instruction and other secondary tools like the tazer, keeping in mind he may have to drop it if ineffective and the guy rushes him and distance him again with the baton, drawing sidearm not as a tool to subdue, but for the purpose of maintaining control of the sidearm without backup, means you may have to use it unfortunately, warn him of it. Use intimidation and clear instruction. A perp who has reach to your sidearm is, by default a lethal threat so stop putting perps into that situation. I've seen backup lawfully walk up and point blank headshot a perp drawing on the gun of the officer he was wrestling with, it's a good shoot but don't put them in that situation.

    It all worked out lucky. Just pure luck. That cop gave up control of the situation and was just lucky. My guess, poorly trained for this type of scenario, or bad departmental policy in his area to the same effect.

    Not to say you cannot win a scuffle, but this isn't about ego, it's about your weapon. Now if you have him under control authority, fine. Otherwise, no.
    You, Mike look a bit harder, but not everyone can do the same moves as someone else. Training has to be lowest common denominator and unless absolutely confident at all moments, stick to the training, which should be better than what we saw here. This could've turned so badly so easily and the cop was not the one controlling that outcome. Can't have it.

    Not what you wanted to hear maybe, sorry.

  2. Now see… where this cop went wrong is he didn’t apply the tickle method…. this would’ve been over much sooner with the tickle method … 🤣🤣

    (That’ll make no sense if you didn’t see that mike the cop video lol)

  3. Cops are Corrupt and Sadistic :: Breonna Taylor —– Tamir Rice —– Botham Jean —- Daniel Shaver —– Philando Castile —– John Crawford ——- Luis Rodriguez —– Dillon Taylor —– John T Williams —— Kelly Thomas :: (H.O.T) house of TRUTH !

  4. As a 100% Monday morning QB non-officer, I sure do miss LIVE•PD. Makes me sad for a weak society that due to some bad actors, rather than standing up for the law, when the law is normally on your side (media, industry, citizens) that rather than standing on the law, standing on principle, they cower and knowhow to criminals, you may as well hand over everything you own and leave town, so to speak, because you just surrendered your right to exist in a legal society. Just my 2 cents.

  5. He did not take advantage of the dominate stance because of the bull shit defund the police. He might have lost his job, or worse, lost his job and made out to be a racist. Right up there with female officer who waited to long to blow that fucker away who charged her with a knife a screwdriver. Thank god some people did help the policeman. Glad he made it home to his family! Please forgive my language. All my best to you and yours.

  6. There's a running joke about me with the many cops I know. They all want me to show up if they need help. I'm 65 years old … not in great shape … no hero, but, I tell them I'm not a cop so I don't have to follow the same rules as a cop so I can be a bit more aggressive. I know in my heart also that I wouldn't hesitate to jump in and help (asking the cop first and letting him know I'm there to help him) nothing scarier than a ticked off old man with the element of surprise and little to lose 😇

  7. I would have felt obligated to step up and pin the guy. 1. That poor cop was doing his best in a really really hard scenario. You get a guy on something like that, even if you're a big strong fella, it seems like they emit some kind of slime that makes them impossible to hold onto if you're trying not to break one of their limbs. 2. I really just want to get my beer and totinos rung up.

  8. He just needs more awareness during his ground work. Many joint manipulations could have been applied to make the suspect comply other than the taser. I don't know why officers are not trained more in h2h combat and it's unfortunate that officers have to pay out of pocket to learn h2h combat…

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