Jump Out Boys – South Central Los Angeles

Jump Out Boys – South Central Los Angeles

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  1. Katman is by far the most knowledgeable person I know when it comes to the law, recording the police and the reality of these situations. He is always on point and prepared as well. On top of all that he might be the most humble person I know. If he made a comment like this about me you can bet I would pin in to the top in a second. He doesn't bother. He is active recording the police to help and educate others and to slow the erosion of our rights(IMHO). He has never actually told me this that I can recall but I know he sure isn't in it for the money like I am guessing most folks are. Nothing wrong with expecting to get paid for your work so don't misunderstand my comment. Just saying Katman and I recorded together for years and it is a bit unusual for people to dedicate so much time and expense into providing a service to others for free. And in the case of KM the service is top notch. I have been good friends with Katman for 8 years or so and I can tell you there have been no issues unless you're counting mine. All around great guy. Sorry I missed your call last night KM. Don't give up on me. And I know it is against your policy but please pin this to the top even if its off topic. For sure the LASD are far bigger criminals then the public they police. They are the ones that need to be cuffed and locked in a cage. We would be better off in so many ways. If you enjoyed the video don't forget to make a comment and if you read this far tell me what you think.

  2. Cops have been killed,or seriously injured by pulling a car over,for a minor traffic offence,by an unrestrained person.So just to be safe,they make sure they are in control from the first second.People overthink,they are only doing this to 'hassle' people.

  3. We call them creatures from another night, you see they are engaged for a year or so they are trained to handle criminals in jail, then they are released to civilian world, like a tiger loose looking for its prey, their morals are destroyed by the inside cage they no longer know themselves when they were born, when they were a child they forget what a toy is they only know a secret society by the hand of the black book, their weakness is destroyed, they fear no one, they are trained to destroy themselves with inside and destroy the population and whatever is in their site, they are creatures from another night and they do not know what lurks beneath them, only if they would know how it feels to have morals again, but don't forget these creatures are humans like us only a bit different inside, if they could only remember well they were back then, they would feel the same thing we feel, until then my friends, oh and the message for today is May the truth and the love of the cosmos be with everyone and everyone's family and the living planet of Earth remember we must be smarter and better than them goodbye my friends until then

  4. if the people don't wake up and see their fourth amendment is being violated they will never get out of this they will continue to harass each and every one of us, because our ethnic when a police officer looks at you in the face it's called intimidation intimidation comes from the law enforcement we call it the black book The Black Book have many violations against 4th amendment and so on these Sheriff's we call now are trained in the jail cells first and then let go on the streets like a wild lion without being detained and no psychological surveillance so they can see their behavior, so until the people continue to be blind they will never succeed to fix the Fourth Amendment there for the State of California sheriff's department will continue to have the handle and control of the population, to control the situation you must watch and observe their behavior and their demeanor and their intentions these creatures can be so violent in the snap of a finger, you ask why, because if creature in caged for years they do not trust anyone and that's why so much out of control and violence the creatures cause, yes we are humans and civilized, but the question is aren't we aliens enough already let me know what you think ( I am a shrink a psychiatrist that watches these behaviors every day to learn their behavior and what they are it is very important to know your surroundings and don't forget their eyes tell their eyes tell them every behavior and their every move

  5. Whats up brother Katman? just herd of measure R to put LA Sheriff Alex Villanueva on check with subpoena powers to the oversight committee. All my brothers and sisters in LA Co. please vote for measure R to put the Sheriffs Dept on check. That guy running it is running it like Lee Baca who was indicted by our FBI. Katman its Dannyboy 777 SJNEWS please spread the word yea??

  6. "Thin blue liners" are trained to view "we the people" of the United States as "enemy combatants", they are sworn to serve and protect the "criminals with badges" that work at every level in their police department.

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