1. Johnny and Mrs. 5-O,
    I have been made aware of a situation in Coquille Oregon that I would like to share with you and your audience. The situation involves a homeless man that lives in his car. In Coquille Oregon, while parked in a park with the hood of his car up, he was given a ticket for Prohibited Parking (10.12.040). I think Officer Sanne got his feelings hurt. See link below.
    According to the Coquille Municipal Code:
    10.12.040 – Prohibited parking.
    No operator shall park and no owner shall allow a vehicle to be parked upon a street for the principal purpose of:
    A. Displaying the vehicle for sale; provided, however, an automobile dealer selling new cars at an established place of business in the city may, at the time of the introduction of new models of vehicles that such dealer sells, but for not more than two of such items per year nor more than three business days during each of such times, display the new model vehicles at a regular vehicle parking place, not to exceed six parking stalls upon the street adjacent to the car dealer's place of business. Advertising for the sale of such model or models of new vehicles may be displayed on the vehicle.
    1. Prior written notice shall be given to the Coquille police department of the intent to exercise the privilege granted to the dealer hereunder,
    2. Time limits for parking shall be suspended during the exercise of the privilege granted hereunder;
    B. Repairing or servicing the vehicle, except repairs necessitated by an emergency;
    C. Displaying advertising from the vehicle, except when authorized.
    (Ord. 1375 § 17, 1997)
    Now, for the purposes of this ordinance, “street” is defined as:
    10.04.020 – Definitions.
    A. In addition to those definitions contained in the Oregon Vehicle Code, the following words and phrases, except where the context clearly indicates a different meaning, shall mean as follows:
    "Street" means every public way, road, highway, alley, thoroughfare and place, including bridges, viaducts and other structures.
    The homeless man, understanding that this ticket was BS, decided to stay in town and wait for the court date in order to plead innocent. This is kind of when the shit started hitting the fan. See the following videos.
    Johnny5-0, can you get this out to the broader community? This guy needs some Johnny5-0 calls to the higher ups in Coquille City Government. I am including a phone list for your use.
    Please help this guy.
    The Los Alamos Voice

  2. Looking for tyrants to photograph? You need look no further than your local Social Security office. Lawless, armed security goons are running wild nationwide as depicted in this video on P and P News: 'Tyrant Found S S Administration Neptune NJ 1st Amendment Audit.'

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  5. I've left this comment on pretty much every auditors channel, starting over a year ago, and to this day not a single auditor is clever enough to understand 9/11. when police talk about 9/11 and the terrorist attacks, you are supposed to inform them of WTC 7 and how two airplanes collapsed three buildings that day. WTC 7 collapsed at 5pm in the afternoon, it was 100 yards away from the twin towers, it never got hit by a plane, and it fell in 7 seconds. CNN announced the collapse of WTC 7 while it was still standing tall.
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