27 thoughts on “Illegally Parked Police Car | Kingsland Police move his car blocking Charging space

  1. This is great!!!!! Walked right up in the lions den and got it handled like a boss!!!!! Nobody is above the law. Especially LAW ENFORCEMENT!!!!! I look at it all the same. Abusing your perceived authority and or privilege in any way is all the same in my book. Illegal parking, not having a front plate, speeding in your patrol car or personal car, driving on a few road beers, lying, intimidating, violating people’s rights, planting evidence, false statements to protect other officers. It’s all the same to me!!!!!

  2. I think these departments use to be in the news for seizing cash on I-95. These town think that if you have large sums of cash…it's theirs to seize and good luck trying to get it back. Shameful!

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