iHop Slapdown

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It’s time to stop taking the race bait constantly being laid out for us to take as a culture. It’s a battle worth fighting because only the truth will be a heathy way forward for legitimate change in our communities.

SOURCE: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/Deputy-indicted-on-assault-charge-after-14572392.php

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40 thoughts on “iHop Slapdown

  1. All 4 cops should be fired and prosecuted.. Wow, Wow, Wow how disgusting to see a so called public servant's instigate a crime, and this is way the disconnect with public servant's and the lack of trust and respect for them…

  2. Mike, you seem like a pretty good guy and I have respect for you. Cmon though. There has been several cases over the last few years of racist cops. I’m not saying the most white cops are racist or even that many but there are several that do profile based on skin and have been caught doing so. This video doesn’t justify any of it.

  3. when you give permission, and then pull the cop card, you are no longer a cop, you are a bully looking for a fight, which is what that officer was/is, where i live, he would have been fired, then charged with multiple charges: conduct unbecoming an officer, misconduct in office, false arrest just to name a few

  4. The man received permission to hit the officer. Skin tone had nothing to do with it. I am ashamed at the behavior of the officer. I'm so glad this was recorded. The police officer was wrong. End of discussion .

  5. So basically You’re a white guy … you obviously won’t understand why color is brought up because it’s white cops who are slaughtering black and brown bodies all across the country. And you know white people come equipped with “Racism? What’s that goggles”

  6. mike, this is the first video I've ever seen of yours. You a cop? Why don't you arrest the bad sacks of pig nuts right there where you work? Bad cops are EVERYWHERE mike. I hear of you arresting a cop I'll watch more of your channel take care pig nut. Serpico was so long ago I'm not sure he was real

  7. Mike your quick thoughts are too quick! You did not give yourself enough time to think and realize that cops of color may go off the reservation and have moments of power tripping, but hardly ever respond racially to others…i.e…the once oppressed seldom become oppressor…..Israel is the exception….and yes I digressed……..white cops on the other hand more often feel threaten by blacks or just feel inanely that they have to use force when it is not called for. It’s as though they get some sense of gratification when they harm people of color physically or mentally. Cops of color respond similarly when policing their own race as if to shown they are large and in charge.

  8. 1. The cop gave permission to be slapped.
    2. Frail 100lb senior citizen touched cops face with the force of a snowflake.
    3. Pussy cop slaps old man to the ground and arrests him.
    4. WTF !

  9. That old fella is gonna be rich. Bad cop. Hope he gets fired and goes to jail.

    Edit: also, the other cops there are culpable. Not only did they not step in to stop what was obviously a bad move on behalf of their coworker, they assisted him in wrongfully arresting the victim.

    Cops have an obligation to act when another cop is doing something wrong

  10. Ok I see one predator victimizing an old person. What I also see are at least three cowards (including body can wearer) stand and watch their coworker assault an elderly man. Where was the mythical"good cop".

    If any of my coworkers were to witness me or see video of me assaulting an old person, I would be afraid (literally for my life) to ever show up to that job again.

    I guess I chose to associate with a class of people with more honor.

    I bet this guy will use every trick a tax payer funded union rep can pull to stay in your toxic brotherhood.

    Even incarcerated felons have codes of dealing with those in their ranks that prey on the vulnerable. You have less honor than those that you claim to protect society from.

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