IGNORANT COPS EXPOSED – COP WATCH – Colorado Sheriffs – Amagansett Press

IGNORANT COPS EXPOSED – COP WATCH – Colorado Sheriffs – Amagansett Press

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48 thoughts on “IGNORANT COPS EXPOSED – COP WATCH – Colorado Sheriffs – Amagansett Press

  1. Tight group. I hit groups like that at 50'. Size of a quarter with 8 rounds.
    OMFG genius move showing us your search on the vid as well. NICELY DONE!! It's shocking how much so many of us give the benefit of the doubt to useless pigs. The sergeant likely knew he was lying, too. Just stood by backing up ANYTHING. Despicable. Either that or he's the one that told him that.

  2. Wow just noticed the title 'ignorant' could have been a nicer way to describe that interaction I know what you mean but I would rather- 'Friendly interaction- how all cops should be' that would have been better

  3. Just so people understand Jason knows he has to use click bait to go up against all of the curve balls, shadow banning etc in order for people to get to the these very important videos. Let’s face it, it got all of our attention so in the end it worked!!! I know Jason did not mean to disparage the cops in this videos. Simply put it’s a tactic to drive traffic and unfortunately a necessary one. Great job Jason!!

  4. Jason, you're one of my very favorite auditors and I really love & appreciate all of you and the uniqueness of each auditor. You're obviously one of the more "professional/intellectual" auditors out there and that's probably why I've seen the most "good" cops on your channel than any other channel, or at least cops behaving in a more calm, professional, courteous and sometimes even friendly manner. If I could make one critique on your channel, coming from years of interest in auditing and years of viewing audits, it is that I wish you would give a little more credit (not saying it's deserved because I know full well that a cop can be friendly in one encounter and then turn around and be a bastard in the next encounter) but your channel really stands out in exposing the better one's, but your video titles don't reflect the substance of your encounters, or at least what I, personally, view the substance to be, I should say. So it's just my opinion, but I would enjoy your content even more than I already do if the cops that behave properly were recognized for it in your titles, instead of the small things being highlighted in your titles. Everyone say's they "earn the hate" and most of them absolutely do, but what do they have to do to "earn the love?" I can't believe that I'm actually saying that or sticking up for them because I've been wrongfully arrested multiple times, harassed, abused and literally tortured for hours by ignorant, pieces of shit, scum of the earth, evil, narcissistic law enforcement animals…but I guess I'm a sucker for kindness. I just don't think these officers deserved to be titled "ignorant" and other officers don't deserve the video titles from some of your encounters either, like the security officers in your "Just Following Orders" video, they deserved way more than that title, it wasn't the substance or the highlighted take-away that I got from the video. But that's just my two cents and this is still one of my top 3 or 4 channels for audits. I've been working on different ideas about how to help fund your line of work, which I understand is actually public charity and not a "job," and how to help you all be more protected. IMO, you auditors all put your lives on the line to a far greater degree than most police ever do in their entire career and I love you all for it!

  5. I might be alone, but I would rather have friendly and approachable officers ignorant of a detail of the law than hostile and arrest thirsty officers that can pinpoint every single violation and nuance accurately. At least the first bunch are less likely to arrest, and if they did so, the charges would be dropped at some point. The fact we have too many laws is as much a problem with the system as incompetent and unfit LEO's.

  6. Of course they just make sh!t up. They even swear to it upon occasion. News Flash! Social workers and child protection workers do it to .. then come back and penalize ya for it. Or try to. Hopefully YOU ain't dumb enough to not look it up for yourself! Health Harmony Peace and Love to us ALL!!

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