If the US wants fewer Haitian refugees, it should stop destroying Haiti

Last week, onlookers in the US and around the world were horrified to see US Border Patrol’s inhumane treatment of Haitian refugees attempting to cross the US-Mexico border to seek asylum. Committing “human rights violations” that have been condemned worldwide, US Border Patrol and the Biden administration are denying thousands of Haitians their internationally recognized right to seek asylum and utilizing a despicable Trump-era policy to mass expel refugees—with truly dizzying scope and speed—back to the same country it marked for Temporary Protected Status only months ago. This whole saga has made clear once again that the cruelty of US “immigration policy” and enforcement is unabashedly bipartisan. Moreover, it is a reminder that Haitians will continue to be denied basic humanitarian support from countries like the US which are directly and indirectly responsible for many of the crises plaguing Haiti.

To discuss these issues, TRNN Editor-in-Chief Maximillian Alvarez speaks with Dr. Ron Daniels, founder and president of the Institute of the Black World 21st Century and founder of the Haiti Support Project.

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Author: phillyfinest369


20 thoughts on “If the US wants fewer Haitian refugees, it should stop destroying Haiti

  1. Trump inherited the problems Obama created…such as those cages. Whipping is leftist talk…I've seen the videos.
    This is a leftist propaganda channel. You are blaming other countries for your problems and climate change is an excuse. As for covid blame that on China and the WHO and the entire UN for some of your problems.

  2. America was responsible to help those Haitian ppl, The whole Carribeans Islands is part of America it's called the Americas, If disaster hit's the Islands they have all rights to go to the mainland for help,

  3. It was the Roundup like they treat cattle nothing more and if this was a policy that needed to be changed it never should have been a policy. There is not one president in this world who has ever cared for black Americans or should I just say black people in general this is the New world order that has found its creation in the Constitution and its first ever president. So let us stop the b***** because we know truth yet we stand behind a government filled with hatred, disrespect and those have been taught to believe they are the first and the last.

  4. The US had been paid billions to house Haitian immigrants and yet they use that money to pocket themselves and are turning away these Haitians at the border find them back to nowhere. And you must also remember or believe that these Haitians that are being turned away are not from Haiti they are from England or from Australia or other countries. So my people we must listen we must see and we must understand that these situations are satanic in nature these situations are not helpful the US has done nothing but pocket money from other governments that have given money to the United States to house immigrants but these are not true Haitian immigrants. Come on America wake up not just America but people the world in general wake up it is time to believe your own truth to research your own minds your hearts and these laws that are deeply put in place that override what is truly seen. We must listen and we must research truth. Listen to the things these politicians are saying. Joe Biden said America is doomed not just because of black people. When he says doomed he means that things are already in place. Joe Biden had already with himself and Trump put in place the masked mandate then we go into 2021 with the masked mandate and then Biden says Doom so at the end of 2021 America is doomed by its own government by the powers that be by the Illuminati. And, until we research this alleged Miss that is not actually a myth but truth and we even go back to George Bush the first when he talked about this new world order we're talking about 15 years into the future for this government will set a plan in place to not only get rid of black Americans but to get rid of everyone who has no power. May the god, our Father above who created us continue to protect his people that he created and we become woke to the point that we understand truth. Yes America is doomed only because of the illuminati, the aliens who feed upon black blood and they sacrifice upon humankind for their survival. This is no joke people open your minds open your heart and remember the Father in heaven is your creator and he is your faith, your honor, your blood your DNA, the only one

  5. Trump continued Obama's policies with regards to people attempting to cross the border…Obama & Biden built those cages…how come AOC isn't down in Texas, crying in front of these facilities now???

  6. No mention of the Clintons and their stealing of billions of donation money with their three charities? And you push the MSM narrative about whipping which was debunked by the very photographer who took the pictures? I rarely down vote a video, but you earned this one.

  7. Not just Haiti that goes for every country the US invades and destroys Iraq-Libya-Syria-Afghanistan- There would be no refugees from any country in the world if US was not a warmongering imperialist nation.

  8. It would be good for Real News to Investigate and dig a bit deeper on how Afro Americans feel about this migration crisis. It would reveal much tension and resentment between the AA citizens and Haitians that has been brewing for decades. There is a loud din of Indifference among AAs for the plight of Haitians. Why….?

  9. It's called money laundering. Print money for regime change so corporation can exploit the population. When the refugees showed up. The cage operator and racist border patrol gets paid. Spending money to spend more printed money.

  10. Colon Powell (Amiri Baraka attribution) once famously said when you break it, you own it. The US Empire and its vassal imperial state France broke Haiti, ergo the USA owes the Haitian people automatic asylum and reparations for its decades of backing dictators, overthrowing and kidnapping the only democratically elected President in modern Haitian history and installing a series of narco-trafficking puppets to rule over its neo-colony. Stop the deportations of Haitians! US out of Haiti!

  11. In the first minute. You lied. The photographer claimed their was no cruelty. That was propaganda spread by the leftist media. You are not a good source of information.

  12. Also Haiti is an extremely dangerous place to live. It breaks my heart for the people there that deserves peace. But again if we just let all in even though they already broke the law by crossing illegally and not through the proper port of entry, it rewards bad behavior, as well as lets in such a large amount over 15000! How are we sure all of those are angels? It’s just not accurate

  13. I’m just confused on what we are supposed to do in the USA? You don’t illegally cross the border for asylum. We have a port of entry. Go through the PORT OF ENTRY.

    So sick of the lies. Just like the “whipping of Haitian” already proved untrue but the narrative is never fixed .

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