If Cop Haters Had Interviews

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36 thoughts on “If Cop Haters Had Interviews

  1. mike. i am intellectual, your videos tell me you know less about the free market, an more about statism an playing buddy buddy with daddy gov. imagine having a gadsen flag next to a fucking blue thin line sticker. who you think gonna be doing all tht treading lol this guy gets fukn pissed when simple stops shed light on the truth of his business. i bet you think were a nation of laws lmfao

  2. How about this one. Black Lives Matter was free to burn cities, shoot people, and loot. literally nothing happened to them and the cops even kneeled with them. “Trump supporters” protest inside the Capitol building and one was shot and killed, granted they may have been Antifa/BLM agitators, but the principle still remains. There is a clear double standard.

  3. Jumping to conclusions is God's definition of "Ignorance", in Proverbs 18:13 "Whosoever returneth a word before he hearth the matter, it is folly and shame unto him".

    Drawing a conclusion without all the facts is what The Creator God -calls Ignorance.

  4. I laugh out loud when you said, he had to drop out of college because he was so traumatized & he was collecting disability. ( for his parking ticket) Imagine he only had 3 3/4 more years to go. 😂🤣

  5. I like your show Mike. I don’t generally hate on law enforcement, but with everything going on I wanted to make an observation within my scope of work and I really think it overlaps into most trades and professions. I have over 20 years of experience and work at the very top of my field. I’ve found that there are really just a very small fraction of competent, sane people who produce and move my industry forward. Most of the people I’ve worked with can do the very basics of their job, but give them an abstract problem and shit basically falls apart. My industry works very closely with other industries and professions and I generally see the same shit all the way up the ladder. I have not observed your profession closely and law enforcement generally is generally tight lipped about things like this. I would like to know if you have as many fuck wits in your profession as I do in mine?

  6. This is hilarious 😂 cop haters are usually very crappy people or criminals themselves and are some of the biggest bullies and most biased, small minded people I've ever known. I've never met a true cop hater who wasn't a straight up pos in many other aspects of life 💯

  7. Honestly, there's nothing sadder than someone who ignores facts because they contradict their opinions. Here's a fact to make leftists cry: 40% of cops do volunteer work for domestic abuse shelters. Don't believe me, liberal snowflakes? Google "40 percent cops domestic abuse"

  8. ok, I get the point. But it is not entirely accurate. Some had actual bad experiences with cops, more than a parking ticket. Anyway, I am glad you quit the police. You are an intelligent guy Mike, it is better for you this way. I am not a fan of police in general, the general idea is good, we need order and all that, but the force is full of rotten apples. Everywhere. Most "good cops" quit eventually, because they see all that weird s..t. so yeah, good luck man, I wish you a lot of success with your new carrier, you made the right choice.

  9. Wow dude, you mad or something? This was a pretty deliberate strawman, and (not to audit your first amendment rights) entirely unfunny.

    Also, why the speech impediment? Did you notice that after you beat people up they talked funny and acted a little stupid? That's pretty meta dude.

  10. Why dont you talk about cops cowardly walking off the job because theyre finally being held accountable? Why dont you talk about your poorly trained no trigger disciplined coward comrades. Most of you earn the hate you get. Go suffocate a 13 year old, im sure you havent met quota for the month. Fucking cowards.

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