*I Love You Daddy* Daniel Shaver’s Widow Laney Sweet and her daughter Emery’s First Song

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I made a documentary on the Daniel Shaver Shooting. This is an excerpt from it. https://youtu.be/uv_eyGw4s3w

Song written by the daughter of Daniel Shaver “I Love You Daddy” It’s her first sont she wrote with mother and widow of Daniel Shaver.

If ever you want to help Laney Sweet, the wife, and widow of Daniel Shaver. For the last four years, she have put up a continuous fight for justice for her husband. https://www.gofundme.com/f/relentlessjustice?fbclid=IwAR1h3xxXdzCsi4nKuxdcFzJn2BhRmEk4k7YAwiKhpZqX-LwH4dD3wrlDkf0

I suggest you to follow them on a Facebook page Call Justice For Daniel. https://www.facebook.com/JusticeForDaniel/?redirect=false

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34 thoughts on “*I Love You Daddy* Daniel Shaver’s Widow Laney Sweet and her daughter Emery’s First Song

  1. It's a horrible shame that i had no idea about this case before seeing this first being due to not being publicized as a white man being murdered by trigger-happy cops often won't even make the news, let alone headline it as it's not a big enough story for most media outlets. A moment of silence for all men and women that are unjustly murdered by police.

  2. This case has made me lose hope in the Jury system. In what other context do we make decisions by looking for 6 or 12 of the dumbest people in the room and let them decide? This case was notched from the start. The initial 9/11 caller said they saw a gun whole looking through the window into a motel room.
    1. It's an open carry state so you could legally walk down the street openly carrying a gun.
    2. A hotel room becomes your dwelling. People in their home can carry any firearms, any way they want to.
    Ok, maybe it was appropriate to send an officer there to make sure everything was ok. The department responded as if someone was shooting at people out of the window or as if someone from the room threatened to shoot somebody.
    Brailsford was clearly looking to kill somebody, like anyone who kills for the thrill. He's smart though. The response was some of the worst police work you will ever see.

    We see similar things happen all the time on channels like this. I get it, they really really really wanted Shaver to come to them so they could secure him and clear the room. Yes theoretically there could have been someone in the room setting up an elaborate ambush…..possible but not really likely. Remember there had been no violence, no one has been hurt, threatened, no shots fired, no loud vernal altercations.

    Upon seeing Shaver having trouble with the elaborate command being shouted at him, while under the point of multiple guns..any reasonable officer would have told him to stay where he was, not move or just lay down on the ground, one officer moves in to secure him, whole the other provides cover. Brailsford didn't want that though, he demanded this life or death game of Simon says continue until he had something he could at least argue was a reason to be in fear. You cannot take all possible risk out of police work, we can work to lessen the risk, but there is always going to be some element of danger. If you are too scared to move in, based on an unlikely possible ambush, so much so you'd risk killing a potentially innocent person, police work isn't for you. Find another job with less risk.

    Ironically, had Shaver refused to cooperate, had he stayed right where he was, with both hands in the air, both middle fingers extended, and shouting insults and obscenities at the officers…had he refused to comply and not moved a muscle, he'd be alone today. Then the officers would have had no choice but to make forward and assume that small amount of extra risk. He died because he tried to comply, he was playing a game that was impossible for him to win.

  3. jusqu'en France je connais maintenant votre histoire , et mon dieu que je suis triste pour cette famille . Entendre cette chanson m'a vraiment ému. De la haut il peux être fier du combat de sa famille . J'ai la gorge serrée en écrivant . RIP Mr Shaver 🙁

  4. Father of three myself. I live here in Gilbert Az. These cops here are scary to have to deal with! One second and they can blow up on your! Not the first time here in Arizona. Ryan Whitaker was another man shot by a ansy phoenix officers… makes me wonder how we are suppose to protect ourselves from this mishap!!??

  5. the guy reached for his waist thats why hes dead now. u can hardly blame the cop for doing what he is trained for. also, half of the criminals are yelling "pls dont shoot" while they shoot at the cops at the same time

  6. I can’t watch that video anymore. It’s enraging, gut wrenching, so full of hate and overwhelming with sadness. I support our officers, but not kill hungry cowards like the ones who murdered Daniel Shaver. Rest In Peace

  7. Is there a link in which this family can be helped? Obviously it would be ideal to return a father, son, husband etc but anything is better than hearing these cowards barking orders at their unarmed loved one,

  8. I can look into this mans eyes and tell hes a good man nothing but heart and well being for the people around him very sad indeed I hope justice was served officers should be locked up like criminals that they are.

  9. cops are supposed to put their own life in danger, They accepted that by their own will, Daniel Shaver in no moment was a threat, the cops managed the entire situation horrible wrong.

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