HIPAAcrite First amendment fail follows me and doesnt know the law

I’m not sure what’s going on here but after I leave she makes all kinds of things up. This location offers a great service to families though.

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  1. I would ask the people mentioning HIPPA if they ACTUALLY PASS THE TESTS FOR HIPPA!!! I have to test out on HIPPA EVERY YEAR now for a long time… HIPPA applies to the MEDICAL people NOT THE CITIZENS…. these people must be FAILING the test each year if they do not KNOW this fact…HOW HAS THIS FEMALE NURSE OR WHATEVER SHE IS PASS THE HIPPA TEST EVERY YEAR??? I WANT TO KNOW HOW THIS WOMAN PASS THE HIPPA TEST. She knows NOTHING about HIPPA so… IS SHE TAKING THE TESTS EACH YEAR?????

  2. Other than starting off with typically poor camera work, fast talking Little Jimmy lies about coming in to collect literature. He showed up to agitate. Little Jimmy doesn't understand privacy. Little Jimmy claims to know everything about anything.

  3. Yet another misinformed gobshite who’s mouth over rules her brain, Education, education, education, get some education you public servant numpty.

  4. Hey James I'm a big fan I watch all of your audits I was wondering if it'd be possible if you guys could team up and try to take on Alabama I know you've recently gone to mobile but Alabama is riddled with corruption and violation of people's rights just food for thought. Hoover Alabama is bad Birmingham is bad these are just two of many.

  5. Ever notice with many of these videos….You never see any of the City managers taking an pro active initiative to "clear anything up"….Its only when these places "look horribly incompetent" that on the revisits the employees and officials SEEM to comply with plastic smiles and fake feeling cooperation….It's like these City Managers just tell them to "be ready" when an auditor shows up…but like 99% of the other time they would do their status quo

  6. Here is the way that I would like to see every video "lead in" by all the auditors all over the world. Example for the continental United States, (1) show a picture of the continental United states with a pin showing where you are located. (2) Then show the state boundaries, followed by (3) county boundaries followed by the (4) zoomed in location. All pictures need to have the pin showing as you zoom in. I hope you are willing to try this…good luck.

  7. There you go again with I pày me taxes I have a right to do film .. it's on you to hide there information,. Just because you can film .. it's not always the right thing to do… Someone that cares about their job you showed this woman no respect at all. We need more women like her less faultiors like you.

  8. James, I caught your intent you described perfectly the first time. Thoroughly understood the second time you explained to her @ 3:30min into it. And I'm not the sharpest pencil in the pack.
    She's the one who's having an issue with public accessibility and HIPPA. Maybe her role in that Office was not explained to her correctly. You were clear and on point with your explanation upstairs and throughout the entire interaction.
    I wonder if your video would be a good training aid? You know for slower folks.
    A public service film for publicly accessible areas. You know, like in Public.
    I'm glad you have much more patience than I. Keep up the good work brother. Just pointing out the obvious.
    * Peace Out *

  9. When I was in my brothers room at the hospital and the doctor came in he did not ask if he could discuss his care in front of me and proceeded to talk about my brother testing positive for meth. The doctor did not violate his hippa. It was up to my brother to ask me to leave!

  10. Don't you just love the ones they wanna do all the talk on but then when it comes time to listen to you and let you talk I'm outta here?? 😅🤪🤯🤪😅❤

  11. You could actually see the defeat in her face when you told her it was HER job to protect the information.

    "Uh oh.. this guy actually knows what HIPAA is.. dang"

    But she about to let that change her story. You were wrong. Period.

  12. What if you were praying substitute recording or Camera or the words taking my picture from when a public servant asks you what if she came up to you and said sir are you praying for you did not ask my permission to pray toward me the first amendment covers all these things equally it is discrimination to tell you cannot record or have a camera it is coercion to tell you what you’re doing is illegal it is an actual crime that they are committing if they tell you this charge them with a crime and if the public servant police officer does not want to charge him with his crime then sue the police officer for dereliction of duty this is very easy And you should never speak anywhere you go because then you’re not creating a disturbance they are

  13. So think about this for a minute substitute the word recording for Muslim so what if she came up to you and said sir are you Muslim no we can’t have that in here that’s why this is discrimination to come up to you for having a camera because of the exact same thing your freedom of religion and your freedom of the press are the same

  14. While I usually like your audits, unfortunately this is 12 minutes I'll never get back. When you hear people say "it's like talking to a brick wall," you ought to show them a photo of that clueless woman.

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