9 thoughts on “Grumpy Old Hermosa Beach Cop Has A Camera For Me

  1. Cops don't like being filmed and assume that's a universal quality of humans, not limited to officious assholes, so naturally turning a camera onto a videographer is the first retaliation that pops into their head. It's freaking hilarious how limpwristed, passive-aggressive Beta that is (and how pervasive among cops, judging by ample YouTube evidence), as if any videographer in the history of videographers has ever cared about being filmed.

  2. Public officials are not to mock We the People. "You can't hear?" 4:17
    public opinion makes a difference, if you voice it.
    Cars plate number 1338083
    Video Published on Jul 10, 2015
    City of Hermosa Beach : Police Department
    Non-Emergency Police Department (310) 318-0360 
    Sharon Papa, Chief of Police – spapa@hermosapolice.org (310) 318-0300 
    Sharon Stine, Chief's Administrative Assistant – sstine@hermosapolice.org (310) 318-0301
    Sergeant Landon Phillips – Professional Standards – lphillips@hermosapolice.org (310) 318-0310

  3. Towards the end when the pig tells the guy to "relax," it unnerves me, because I hear this word a LOT – right in the middle of someone being roughed up or arrested.  I'd like to see how "relaxed" the pig would be if the tables were turned.  It's only natural to be nervous and upset as hell under those circumstances.

  4. Any person that can get that butt-hurt so fast over something as simple as a citizen filming must be unstable, and should definitely not be allowed to be Cop or go anywhere near a firearm! They do not mentally evaluate when they hire do they?

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