Go the f#@& home!

With the caveat that it’s been a busier-than-usual five days, this week alone we have received more than a half-terabyte of police records, processed more than two hundred hours of video, sued the City of Cleveland, pursued dozens of story leads (surprisingly many of which panned out), and paid north of five grand in fees.

Before I get to the point, I want to be clear about something: I am not complaining and I am not asking for anything. I love my job and I am proud of what I have built, and although it’s expensive, like most small business owners I don’t spend most of my waking hours on it as a multi-year charity project. In the month of February, Real World Police attracted a daily audience larger than the combined circulation of The Boston Globe and Chicago Tribune. That’s all thanks to you, and in a neat symbiosis, it’s your enjoyment of our content that allows us to keep producing it.

“Cool story, bro… but we just want some context for the video.”

This is context for the video. Keep reading.

If you have ever worked a government job, you are familiar with the joys of bureaucracy, but if you are human you also know that people are remarkably good at making mistakes. Rules be damned.

For more than seven months I have been in a tug-of-war with the City of Orlando in relation to one particular request for public records. The City had closed the request multiple times, each time alleging that they had disclosed all responsive records. In response, I was a broken record telling the City that they hadn’t. (My insistence wasn’t out of left field. I had knowledge of specific undisclosed responsive records.)

Things finally came to a head about a week ago when my patience ran out. Unlike the guy in this video, that didn’t take the form of a highly-public shouting match. Instead, the occasion was marked by a letter to the City of Orlando, placing them on notice that if they didn’t get with the program and follow the law, Real World Media was going to sue them five business days later. [That kind of lawsuit is for records, not money — though they would have ended up on the hook for our attorney’s fees. And, to be fair, she is far from cheap.]

“But I thought you sued Cleveland, not Orlando? What happened to the Orlando lawsuit?”

First, good job on paying attention. Second, I’ll answer the question you didn’t actually ask, but I’ve gotta tell you…. you might want to sit down for this one… because you’ll never believe what happened. Right after we sent that letter? Those nonexistent records? Shocker: they turned up.

In case you have trouble with sarcasm, no one, anywhere, was shocked about these records materializing.

Well, almost. All but one of them.

The exception? This video.

This video was among the records disclosed — and I have no idea why. Not only is it not responsive to my request, but it *couldn’t* be responsive, since it was created a half-year after the request was submitted. The best explanation I’ve got is that some records folks were scrambling to get records together, and they made a mistake.

It happens all the time — I’d estimate about once a month — but mistakenly-disclosed records tend to be (a) documents, and (b) boring.

This is neither.

But the only context I can provide is this explanation of why I don’t have any.






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37 thoughts on “Go the f#@& home!

  1. This is the exact reason I make my son memorize everybody in the families number. You should always remember your mama or your daddies number I don't care how old you are. Hahaha she starts talking about college and shes making a life for herself getting educated and she act like she want to be broke getting her butt beat because she won't stop bumping them gums long enough to get some sense.

  2. they provided maxxxxxxximum tolerance due to his color. if there aint no issue with colors. this guy could have been shot or tased already and arrested for alarm and scandal.

  3. So you've telling me one can grab any phone from anybody and just walk with it away while police watching? Because they can't prove who owns the phone. Right..

  4. both of them wont shut the fuck up and keep yelling at each other and not talking to the police,,,, how else can you help these people???? answer is,,, you cant!

  5. If the cops arrested him, they would have had to drop the charges cause she probably wasn't going to testify against her boyfriend

  6. 3 witnesses saying he beat the shit out of her, and they're still telling him to go home? What do we have police for, to hand out tickets and arrest people for drugs? What a shitty cop. I guess there's a reason he's on a bike.

  7. Worst police work I’ve seen in 39 minutes and call her a cab when she says she has more money. This is a prime example of the mistreatment and neglect of a black queen . For that I’m sorry. So she literally got assaulted and her phone stolen. It’s so gross to see how they’re treating her man I’m so ashamed. These guys are worst then male cops. I can’t believe they’re treating that woman like that it’s like surreal. Pay attention y’all , this is how it’s always been for our black queens. And it is 100% his fault. Y’all look at the micro aggressions this is such a good video to show case that ! This is how they’re treated on the regular . She said he pushed her to the ground and the cop really said “ I didn’t see it” . It’s just insane

  8. The first guy told the cop that the dude slammed her to the ground, and the other people confirmed a few minutes later that he beat her up. INSANE. They could have helped her. She even said I will get beat up when I get home. The Cop was scared of the man and just wanted him to leave. These are the young ladies that end up dead and it could have been prevented.

  9. Poor girl, shit taste in dudes, but I can tell she will make it. She seems really sweet and smart. You can tell the cops aren't really giving a shit right now. Really a shame. I look up to most cops but if you are gonna have a shit attitude on the job just stay home

  10. Cop doing all of the talking is a disgrace. 3-4 people tell him the guy just assaulted the girl and he couldn't care less. Wtf has happened to the police?????

  11. Problem #1: Didn't arrest him after several warnings to leave.

    Problem #2: Officer didn't investigate potential theft.

    Problem #3: Officer didn't investigate possible assault and didn't care to gather witness statements.

    Bottomline: Officer didn't want to work. Case closed!

  12. This girl is the problem- victim mentality… You don't have friends or family you can stay with?? Never asked to file charges or do anything productive- just wants to argue & get her phoooooone!

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