Fresno Officer Shoots Masked 15-year-old Boy Pulling Replica Gun From Waistband

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Fresno, California — On July 30, 2023, at 10:32 a.m., an officer with the Fresno Police Department responded to the 100 block of East Warner Avenue regarding a report of a vehicle that had been abandoned in the roadway. While the officer was in the process of having the vehicle towed, he was approached by a community member who told him that there was a young male on a scooter nearby that had a gun. The officer alerted Fresno Police dispatch of the community member’s report. As the officer drove southbound on North Effie Street, he observed a subject that matched the description of the subject reportedly armed with the gun. The officer notified dispatch, pulled to the side of the road and made contact with the subject. The officer ordered the subject, who was wearing a ski mask, to raise his hands and get down on his knees.

The subject complied, got down on his knees but then began to reach for an object in his waistband. The officer told him to raise his hands, but he continued to reach for the object. The subject pulled a gun from his waistband. Upon seeing this, the officer discharged his service weapon. The officer immediately requested paramedics and began to render first aid while they responded. The subject was transported to the hospital, he is listed in stable condition and is expected to recover from his injury. It was determined later that the subject was a 15-year-old juvenile. At the scene, the officer recovered the juvenile’s unloaded Glock 19 X .177 caliber bb pistol. The weapon is a replica of a Glock semiautomatic handgun with all Glock stampings. The juvenile was cited for PC 417.4 (brandishing an imitation firearm) and released to the custody of his guardian. The investigation into this critical incident is ongoing.

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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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37 thoughts on “Fresno Officer Shoots Masked 15-year-old Boy Pulling Replica Gun From Waistband

  1. You can say its a BB gun but I've seen videos of people painting rifles and handguns to look like BB and nerf guns. He doesn't know and he's not going to take you're word for it. Especially in this situation, keep them hands raised and let him do his job. You can say its a BB gun and that's it.

  2. So many people getting mad because the kid said its was a bb gun… How in the world is the cop supposed to know if hes telling the truth. 50/50 chance it was real and he shoots the cop…

  3. It's literally an officer's job to put himself at risk and save people, not to discharge a weapon at children like nothing happened.
    And the comments are a census of fascists who don't realize that they themselves will be on the other side of the wire at any moment.😉

  4. People trying to paint a cop bad for shooting someone who willingly wore a ski mask and brought a fake gun to probably rob someone, expecting to not get shot for reaching said fake gun. You must live under a rock lol

  5. For people who don't understand *Logic*: I would assume it's a reall gun until I got proof it's not and that's impossible in this moment. So I would shoot because look at him he is grabing it and he is wearing black with a mask. It's your life in the line you don't think twice in this situation. 😂

  6. This just shows exactly how low these people's IQs are. I feel like anyone with a shred of common sense, would know not to reach for anything that resembles a gun. Heck I wouldn't reach for my wallet if a cop had a gun pointed at me. However this kid genuinely thought it would be a good idea to pull his fake pistol out and show the officer it's fake 🤦

  7. What a dumb ass! Got exactly what he deserved. You don’t reach for anything when a LEO has you at gun point! I’m sure he wasn’t out doing anything good with that BB gun.

  8. Man God really spared that Kid’s life for him to survive after being Shot . When a Police Officer has You at GUNPOINT DO NOT REACH FOR ANYTHING AT ALL . Nowadays BB guns are being sold that looks just like a REAL FIREARM . I’m kinda glad that the Kid didn’t Die in this incident because he got another chance at Life to be smart and do the right thing! And it’s sad because he’s only 15 just a Kid smh . but the Police Officer had to do his job by taking down a possible dangerous Threat to the community so I believe the shooting was Justified the fact that the Officer had no idea of the Gun was REAL or FAKE .

  9. The kid literally said "it's a bb gun" as he slowly (and yes stupidly) removed it from his waistband in an obvious attempt to place it on the ground. The "firearm" was never pointed anywhere remotely near the officer the entire 0.2 milliseconds before he pops off a few quick ones. You can tell from the callousness in this officer's voice that he was pleased with himself for taking care of just another young black "thug". Bad shoot. Dumb kid (glad he survived), but still a bad shoot.

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