French whistleblower Stephanie Gibaud exposes worldwide banking fraud | The Chris Hedges Report

Warning signs of the instability of the global financial system abounded in the months leading up to the 2008 Lehman Brothers crash. Among these early signs were the astounding revelations about UBS, the world’s largest private bank, by Stephanie Gibaud, who was employee at the bank’s French division. Gibaud refused instructions given to her and other employees to delete all their company files. In doing so, she helped reveal a vast web of corruption and fraud linking UBS to a shadowy tax evasion scheme. More than 15 years later, Gibaud has endured harassment, professional ostracization, lawsuits, and threats. She joins The Chris Hedges Report to speak on her ordeal and the extent of corruption in the international banking system.

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39 thoughts on “French whistleblower Stephanie Gibaud exposes worldwide banking fraud | The Chris Hedges Report

  1. States work for banksters and profiters casts to remain on top of the pyramid, against nature, against people, against truth.
    Transparency and confidence are needed.
    We'd better watch them 24/7 instead of cowardly accepting big brother.

  2. She was a marketing manager with client names. Hardly someone typically entrusted with confidential client information and tax planning.

  3. The gov. want a part of every corner of illegal activities…but nothing will be send to the indiv. Or public. Ref. Fine on microsoft ..? Who receive anything ?

  4. The enemy is part of the Élite at European Union level because they passed a european wide Law that allows banks to refuse serving clients for "political" reasons and put them litterally out of the banking system and make them a "non-person" for society. This is not fiction it has happened to Nigel Farage in the UK because they had not reformed the actual law after Brexit. It has happened to me to some extent because one of my relatives made big bank and societal (company) fraud, even if I have had no business dealing with him, ever, and a limited family relationship.

  5. So this lady wanted to put people at her bank in prison – and she’s upset the bank fired her and wants to dissuade others from doing what she tried to do??

  6. I’m sorry for all you’ve suffered, and especially for the loss of your family dog. You mentioned being a mom and being gone from home a lot. I bet that pup was a real comfort to your child/children. People can be so heartless. Again, my condolences.

  7. Praying for that woman that she will find peace, understanding and protection. She did and continues to do the right thing.

  8. The American government should do the right thing and compensate Stephanie…but then…when has the American government done the right thing. Thank you Chris…and Stephanie …you are amazing.

  9. Chris on YTV.
    The foundation of the STATE, and the state of human mental conditioning all revolves on Dictatorship, ABSOLUTE AUTHORITY over the SPHERE of TIME EQUITY BANKS of OURSELVES for profits to be taxed regulated and dictated to for LIFE by someone else's PRIVATE CURRENCY of our own currenc🕛. No peace in perpetual profit war. And we're the NAZ ⛽💵 I'S act u all ⏰ y 💵 holding up the Dictator ships 💵 governed MINTs.

  10. So basically the point of the entire global financial system is to be corrupt. It should be no surprise why banks sponsor sporting events, concerts, art showings, etc.

  11. This has nothing to do with the topic here, but I get really jealous of these super wealthy people who get emotions by listening to famous stars, expensive champagne and cars. I thought they did it for other reasons. They must all have been quite poor in their youth. That reminds me someone who believed a polyester dress was upper-class because it costed 2000 €.

  12. Great interview.
    We see it more and more. Many institutions (including banks) enjoy the benefits of having nice reputations YET the perceived role and the actual role of these institutions differ.
    Per example, you have police that apparently is there to serve and protect … but in fact serves and protects the rich … by punishing the poor. Many institutions have been gutted and are now meaningless (or about to be) yet are portrayed as essential to the common good. Elections, corporate medias, the health and legal system all are slowly being transformed into managers of citizen's / client's discontent instead of actually serving the citizens / clients. Whistleblowers denounce the superficiality and changing nature of these institution so is it any wonder they have to face their wrath? And the state, now adopting the ways of the corporation, naturally despise those who dare shed some light.

  13. Hiding diamonds = BLOOD DIAMONDS “`
    FFFOR HER security Alone = Erase All evidence Available = its usually to be taken as an ORDER Not A request = B ringing in the Library ? Ehhh kinda says Not All together Up Right And Standing = bad Look on such usually gets you Killed , thankfully the situation was somehow slowly resolved over time , But at what cost = isolation from everything ? and you life stolen from you right in front off your eyes , and here is one whom survived , limited supply of these stories still lingering untold , the truth MUST be Known , and it CANNOT be Hidden , Natural LAW Will FORCE IT OUT !! but = like always man forgets so quickly , , ,

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