Florida Woman Arrested for Wrong Way Drunk Driving

ORLANDO, FLORIDA — From the report of officer Andrew Hall, lightly edited for clarity and brevity:

On December 19, 2020 at approximately 2:30 am, Officer Andrew Hall with the Orlando Police Department responded to the intersection of East Colonial Drive and North Magnolia Ave, at the request of a fellow officer regarding a possible intoxicated driver.

“Upon arrival I made contact with Officer Funchess, who advised that he had observed a dark colored vehicle traveling northbound on North Orange Avenue, a southbound-only one-way street. Officer Funchess conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle and made contact with its sole occupant. I advised her who I was and what I was about to request. She had bloodshot and glassy eyes and I could smell the obvious odor of alcohol emanating from her person, becoming stronger as she spoke / slurred.

During HGN, she had a lack of smooth pursuit, distinct and sustained nystagmus at maximum deviation, and the onset of nystagmus prior to a 45-degree angle in both eyes. She also had a distinct orbital sway.

Walk and Turn, One Leg Stand, and Modified Romberg Balance tests [see video].

Post-Miranda I asked her what had happened tonight and she advised she did not know why she was speaking with law enforcement. I then explained to her the reasoning for the stop again and asked her how many drinks she had this evening. She advised “two or three drinks.” I asked her what kind of drinks she had and she advised “vodka and RedBull”. I asked her what time it was and she advised it was “twelve”; the time was 0245 hours. Thayer advised she ate food at 2000 hours. I asked her on a scale of one to ten how drunk she was. She replied a “four.”

At the Orange County DUI center, she refused to provide a breath sample. She was then transported to the Orange County Jail for further processing.”





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24 thoughts on “Florida Woman Arrested for Wrong Way Drunk Driving

  1. This whole procedure looks incredibly dated, time consuming, humiliating and to be honest, a ridiculous pantomime. They should stop fucking around and go straight for a breathalyser test.

  2. She's frunk as duck man, that cops wasting time even attempting the test. Don't they have breathalyzers in the US? Here in the UK it would've been over and done in a minute, she'd go to the station and blow into a calibrated machine and be charged if she was over the legal limit. Then again it wouldn't be as entertaining to watch! 🙂

  3. "Do you wear glasses?" Yes. "For what?" Sight! She's hilarious without even trying! I know drunk driving isn't funny and that it's really dangerous but this just seemed comical to me, my bad- sorry! 😇 Don't drive impaired people, if it goes wrong you'll have to carry that remorse and guilt for the rest of your life- possibly in prison.

  4. She will be sober by the time this guy gets done dragging this out, reading from all his notes etc. COP "You were driving down the wrong side of the road" GIRL "this road?"

  5. In her defense, how can anyone impaired or not, count 30 seconds in their head with all the interruptions from their loud speakers?

  6. Wasn't he supposed to ask her if she was willing to take a sobriety test 1st? I feel like I've seen enough of these videos to be a YouTube DUI lawyer.

  7. This sobriety test is stupid, you would have to be a gymnast and a savant to pass one. If you want to prove a person is drunk breathalyser them. She is drunk, plastered and munted, completely incapable of driving. I doubt she would have passed the test sober.

  8. She asked if she could take her shoes off because she knew she could balance better. But then the minute she started to maneuver her body to take her shoes off she realize she was so drunk she was going to stumble so then she second-guessed it and asked the officer, “are you sure?”

  9. I had to drive crossfaded once but it was for a severe emergency. I had been at a party and had to leave because one of my loved ones tried to kill themselves and I had a severe panic attack and nearly fainted. NEVER. AGAIN.

  10. I fkn hate cops…. go stop ppl that text and drive and ppl that have stuff in their hands- go bust some real criminals, this is the avg person after leaving a place that serves drinks!!!!

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