First Amendment AUDIT 11: Fire Police TRIGGERED – Little Johnny has a Meltdown – Montauk New York

In this video we arrive at the scene of an active house fire in Montauk, NY. Fire Police get triggered and little Johnny has a meltdown. This is a long one, but stay tuned, it’s a good one.


We believe that many of our rights and civil liberties as American citizens on American soil are at great risk and that a simple act of civil disobedience has the power to effect great change. While we have no interest or intention in breaking any law, we are willing to stand up for freedom and the constitution at any time and at any place and do so in a responsible and productive manner. It is our goal to create free and open discussion whenever possible in an effort to educate both ourselves and anyone with a desire to learn. A well known rule of government is that ignorance is no excuse for the law. It is our stand that we as Americans have been either uninformed or misinformed regarding our laws and rights for far too long. We are not attorneys or scholars, however we have been involved in professional photography for over 30 years and have had our rights and freedoms challenged more times than we can remember. No one group or person has the ability to effect change across the board, however we are committed to doing our part by continuing to stand up for our constitutional right to free press and the right to take photographs and video in public. All donations will be used exclusively to further this cause. Specifically, we  need to upgrade our computer, video editing software and purchase additional video gear. We want to thank you in advance for your support of what we do and want you to know that we are committed to working harder than ever to defend our rights, your rights and the Freedom to Film in Public!!
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49 thoughts on “First Amendment AUDIT 11: Fire Police TRIGGERED – Little Johnny has a Meltdown – Montauk New York

  1. I am a former Fire Chief and while I do understand not wanting someone to get too close, the Fire Chief should have a media area if the scene is going to last for any serious length of time. The guy who seemed nice at first turned out to be a true jerk. You should post this to the depts. facebook page and maybe if their donations slow down, they may think differently on how they interact with the public.

  2. What neighborhood did you walk into? It's a drunkened, dirtball freakshow…i think everybody has a bit of alcohol in their coffee cups! This is definitely the most unprofessional bunch of 🤡 clowns. They can't even put out that fire, then they're creating another one. WTF is that drunk doing insulting a kid! They had a problem with you it's one thing, but your child was totally innocent here. This sure is entertainment though. 😂😖

  3. The fact that Jason moved his family to Colorado tells you the climate of freedoms back East.

    Me? You couldn't pay me Millions of dollars per year to live back East, neva neva neva.

  4. PLEASE, more New York videotaping. The ones in Utah, Arizona, Colorado etc are good, but the New York ones are priceless.

  5. LOVE……. from New Zealand

    1's shocked at how these people think they're able to tell 1 how to conduct 1's life in the interest of 1's own safety when it's just advice now 1 would think they'd stop talking & move along..

    ALL GO0D…….

  6. “My father thought me not to follow the strangers.” 😫🤣🤣🤣🤣 You gotta love AP 🤣🙌🎉🇺🇸🎉🇺🇸🎉🇺🇸🎉

  7. April 2021 but I always like to go back to AP’s and WTW’s videos 🙌🇺🇸🙌🇺🇸🙌🇺🇸🙌🇺🇸🙌🇺🇸

  8. One more reason NOT to visit the proverbial 💩 hole of NY!!! Nothing but loud mouth, 💩 talking UNPROFESSIONAL TYRANTS!!
    You handled yourself VERY WELL!! The TYRANTS are the ones with verbal diarrhea because they cannot HELP themselves!! Tyrants gonna tyrant!!

  9. Hey i agree completely with the banner the mouthy moron wears { FIRE People Of Low Intelligence Criminallizing Everything }

  10. I do understand that law enforcement and fire protection are under stress when they are at a scene which would account for some of their confusion and bad organization. However, they should be training for these situations and be able to handle it. Little Johnny was way out of line in his comments and should be removed from the fire department.

  11. "Yea, they'd be taking it (yellow tape) down and having to put it back up every time a vehicle came through……"
    Yet there are all of these FD and PD just standing around doing absolutely nothing. So much "doing nothing" that they honed in on a couple guys with cameras and couldn't move past it. It's a joke!

  12. As a gay man – I don’t appreciate that mans use of the word faggot – I hope if he works for the fire department he is let go – disgrace!!!

  13. I gotta admit, I sorta enjoy the more adversarial Amagansett Press approach with these petty tyrants… But how would you like to be a taxpayer in Monrauk, watching your $$$ being wasted with the massive over-population of civil servants…

  14. What are they so afraid of? Oh, I know, their power over civilians. Once they feel they don't have power over you, they get pissed off.

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