21 thoughts on “Farmers Branch Police Kill Car Thief In Dallas

  1. Dang dude I twisted my ankle trying to get the best KILL shot I could. Poor me with the body armor, two handguns and a pack of wild eye backups ready to defend..? My life right? Damn my ankle hurts😭
    Poor cop😪
    Will D

  2. Dallas PD is pissed now that the thug has been indicted. The lowlife was indicted in record time and ahead of any other murders in June. Why you ask? Because there's in video of the murder being committed. This is why law enforcement, as a whole, react to violently to cameras. It is something they have no control over. It is an independent record that they cannot lose or alter.

  3. Yes the owner would be entitled to kill the theif. The insurance company would pay for the property damage either way (stolen, or damaged during an attempt to steal)
    The stolen vehicle, is a 4500 lb. weapon, its not only the officers safety thats in danger, but the safety of the public at large, as there is no telling what this individual may have done with that vehicle in an attempt to elude capture. A pursuit might have endangered the lives of anyone nearby. Justified shooting imho.

  4. If the officer goes to the hospital, it gives him 2 things: It gives him an excuse to say he was injured and that backs up his reason for shooting (the video of him being loaded into an ambulance is what the F.O.P. lawyers is going to play for the jury), but the REAL reason is it allows the officer as much time as he needs to come up with a excuse as to why he used deadly force. He won't be questioned about the shooting as long as he's in the hospital, and that gives him time to come up with excuses that's not incriminating (Police officers knows to NEVER give a statement right after a shooting, even though they hypocritically often demands regular citizens to do it).

  5. The driver of the stolen truck was going way too fast in a parking lot. He could have easily hit or ran over somebody including a child. Plus there was a good chance of a high speed chase. I think the cop did the right thing, protected the public.

  6. A Farmers Branch police officer is charged with murder in the deadly shooting of 35-year-old Juan Moreno Jr.

    Officer Michael Dunn surrendered to police in Seagoville Thursday after being indicted by a Dallas County grand jury.

  7. I think if I'm driving my own car, MY CAR owned by me and nothing owed on it, no leans, I have the title in my name,, Your loving cops are going to say I stole the car or am driving a stolen car. My car, stolen by me. They might shoot and kill me, or they might abduct me and rape me in their holding cell, abusing me for months for their own fun and entertainment. But when all is said and done, the cops are golden and I'm getting background checks that say criminal history with no conviction not even a jury trial because I stole my own car.

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