Ex-Patriots QB Ryan Mallett Arrested for Drunk Driving (Complete Footage)

The following is the report of Officer Dalton Meadows:

“On 09-10-2019 at approximately 1824 hours I responded to a two motor vehicle accident with injury at XXXX New Hope Drive in the City of Springdale. While en route to the scene I was advised by Springdale Dispatch that Tontitown Police were out with an accident and one of the drivers was possibly intoxicated.

When I arrived on scene I made contact with the driver of a red passenger car and the one who complained of injuries. The driver stated that as he was traveling west on New Hope Road he observed a silver truck crest the hill in front of him heading straight for him in his lane. The driver stated that to avoid a head on collision he swerved into the oncoming lane and toward the ditch on the opposite side of the road. The driver stated that as he swerved toward the ditch the driver of the silver truck got back into the eastbound lane and hit his car.

I then made contact with the driver of the silver truck, who was suspected of being intoxicated. The driver was identified as Ryan Mallett. I observed him to have bloodshot watery eyes and could smell a strong odor of intoxicants coming from his persons. Mallet verbally admitted to crossing over the center line while traveling east on New Hope Road and he also verbally admitted to drinking one beer.

I then advised Mallett that I was going to give him a field sobriety test and Mallet did not object. The first test given was the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus test. I observed lack of smooth pursuit in both eyes, distinct and sustained nystagmus at maximum deviation in both eyes and onset of nystagmus prior to 45 degrees in both eyes. While I was giving him this test he was swaying heavily. During this test I also observed vertical gaze nystagmus. I observed a total of 6 clues during the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus test.

The next test given was the Walk and Turn test. During this test he would not stand in the position that I explained and demonstrated during the instructional phase of the test. He could not stand heel to toe and keep his balance at the same time while listening to the instructions. I observed him use his arms to balance while taking the test. He stepped off line and missed heel-to-toe multiple times on both sets of nines steps. I observed a total of 6 clues during this test.

The next test given was the One Leg Stand test. During this test I observed Mallett place his foot down multiple times, use his arms to balance, and sway while balancing during the test. I observed a total of 3 out of 4 clues during this test.

Mallett was placed under arrest for Driving While Intoxicated and transported to the Springdale City Jail. Mallett’s vehicle was towed in accordance with Springdale Police Department policy. When I arrived to the Springdale City Jail I read Mallett the Arkansas Statement of Rights which he signed and agreed to take the test. I then administered the Breath Alcohol Content test. The final result to the test was a 0.081%. It should be of note that Mallett blew his first sufficient sample but then took 3 more tries to blow a second sufficient breath sample. Mallett was also issued a citation for careless prohibited driving.”

This is the complete footage from the investigation and arrest of Ryan Mallett. Some viewers may watch this footage and wonder if they missed anything – other than an(other) NFL player getting arrested. The answer is no. From the beginning Real World Police has been committed to presenting reality. And reality is that much of police work is unexciting. You just doesn’t see it. (In fact, you don’t even get the full experience here. Long periods of silent driving and silent waiting at the station were removed from this footage.)


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36 thoughts on “Ex-Patriots QB Ryan Mallett Arrested for Drunk Driving (Complete Footage)

  1. The sobriety tests should be adjusted for the general differences in men and women’s physical builds. Women have a lower center of gravity in the hips, which is why gymnasts can do very difficult things on the 4” wide balance beam Any man who is 6’6” and 250 pounds would have a hard time walking a straight line heel to toe. He was definitely under the influence. I hope he gets help so this isn’t a life-long issue.

  2. "Former Patriots QB" Hasn't played for the Patriots since 2013

    You could've said "Former Ravens QB" or "Former Houston Texans QB" but you chose the Patriots…
    Literally anything to try and make the Patriots look bad because haters gonna hate.
    You just can't stand that the Patriots were the greatest dynasty of all time.
    Deal with it, hater.

  3. Cant anyone do math here?! Lol it’s .001 over. Not gonna lie, the cop tried to help him out by not making him blow in the field and taking a while to get him back. Definitely could have killed someone BUT .001 is… crazy. I’m sure his lawyer will hook him up.

  4. Any update on this? Sounds like nothing happened. He's coaching, got married, built a nice house. Did they ever get a blood test? Not sure how he only blew just over the legal limit … he was clearly wasted on something.

  5. I feel like it’s unprofessional of the officer to tell everybody who walks by that the driver is Ryan Mallet….but it was smart of the officer to ask the other driver if he knew who it was, in case he is trying to get money from an nfl player….which wouldn’t be worth it because backup nfl players don’t make very much…..

  6. Man if he could have drawn this out for another 30 min he probably could have passed that test! He wasn't as sauced as the cop thought after all huh? He was either on pills 💊 or just plain exhausted. Maybe he suffered a concusion during practice that morning or something. The cops were acting like he was going to blow 3 times the limit & he was only 0.001% over the legal limit. When he didn't, it should have been investigating further, for HIS safety! You don't drive & act that impaired & only blow a 0.081%. I hope he got it figured out as his behavior is alarming for someone who really hadn't had much to drink.
    EDIT: I will commend this man for not throwing his name around. Although I don't know much about the NFL, I didn't once hear him use his name or popularity to gain any type of preferential treatment. He was very respectful & cooperative.

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