DOT INSPECTION LEVEL 2 ** Must See** Part 2

unhealthy eat habits among cops is a serious issue, the amount of junk food they consume is obvious. They should also care about their love life, and stop hogging all of the dick donuts.

Check this out: “(92) Unhealthy Diet Unfit for Duty ” –~–
Utah/ Arizona I-15 South bound port of entry. If you’re a trucker and you plan on rolling through here in the AM be prepared to deal with this. Make sure your logs and paperwork is in place. These hybrid human robots are out here to create that income for their state, under the false disguise of safety.

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40 thoughts on “DOT INSPECTION LEVEL 2 ** Must See** Part 2

  1. I drive truck and id never react this way. When you get pulled over in a car you can do this if you want to be a pain. If you're in a truck, you shut your mouth and let him do his thing. He can find something wrong if he wants too and fines are larger

  2. Good interaction Ricky, that officer seemed like an alright guy and actually listened and seemed to maybe gain a little more understanding of your reasons for your point of view. I've been a Cdl A driver since 1995, I did 11 Western for 3yrs and now local dump trucks and flatbeds for the last 20 yrs and have had my share of level 2's they are an inconvenience but I do believe they have a valid and valuable purpose as random basic safety checks when stopped for a valid reason or at DOT scales.. not all drivers take the time every time.. I've been guilty of that myself.. or sometimes just miss a defect on their pre and post trip inspection it will happen to every driver once in a while no matter what their experience level.. Good work brother..

  3. I subscribed to ur channel earlier and I'm still watching your damn videos they so good, u have me cracking up but for real, there needs to be more ppl like u out there🙂 shout out from Florida✌️

  4. So if you get attacked by a mountain lion. It was just that one mountain lion that attacked you so you shouldn't fear the next mountain lion thinking it will attack you. That sounds really stupid

  5. That cop is full of s*** bro the only reason that these cops are aggressive nowadays is because of the Patriot Act after 9/11.
    I'm 61 years old never in my life growing up as a kid were the cops ever this aggressive and out of control, they used to come up to you and talk nice to you, now they just grab you and beat the crap out of you
    Yeah bro after 9/11 they started militarizing this country's police force, that's when I knew we the United States citizens were in trouble against these tyrants.

  6. ROFLOL habits hard to break driver smiles at camera at the end says I do my best to always follow the law he just got an DOT inspection as he pulls away NO SEAT BELT ROFLOL habit would be first thing is putting that seat belt on before putting truck in motion

  7. When you get a CDL, being checked by the DOT comes with the license. This idiot acts like he is a Soverign citizen. I did have a Sheriff deputy lie like a dog…but I was drunk…Judge flat out told me, because of that, my testimony carried little weight with him.
    So, I ran into that SOB, at a festival. I told him that I thought his prior conduct was disgusting, that he abused his authority to be a jerk. He was furious. Beer was served at this event, but I didn't touch it. As I expected, I was pulled over by, guess who, so, I acted like I had downed too many. He was smiling ear to ear as he stated he thought I was drinking, and wanted to do a field sobriety test. I had inner ear infections as a child, so walking heel to toe isn't easy…Deputy Shithead told me I didn't pass. I told him about my issues, and he said he was trained, knew when somebody was drinking, and he knew I was. So, a few more tests later, he pulls the breathalyzer, again telling me he knew I was past the limit and had been caught. I admit, I purposefully struggled with the finger/nose stuff. When I blew 3 perfect breath tests, he turned white as a ghost. I made sure I filed a complaint. That was about 1995. I drove an 18 wheeler for a bit too…NEVER EVER had an issue with the police again. I'm almost 59. I think many SOB story folks are not telling everything.

  8. UMMMMM……as a professional driver of a commercial vehicle, you are required BY LAW to inspect your vehicle to ensure that it meets federal safety requirements. The state Departments of Transportation and Commercial Vehicle Enforcement are required BY LAW to inspect commercial equipment to ensure that the equipment is operating up to federal safety requirements as defined by FMCSA. You sir, are a complete MORON and are giving the rest of us professional drivers. Go take your paranoid ass to Walmart and get a job better suited to your wage skill!!

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