Don’t let Government RIP you off and make a profit for public records requests!

Sometimes you have to tell the government they’re doing their job wrong. The wanted to make a profit on public recrods and thats against the law.

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37 thoughts on “Don’t let Government RIP you off and make a profit for public records requests!

  1. i was involved in a court case spanning three years, almost 15 years ago, way before I knew any of my rights. i requested copies of my papers (over a thousand pages) and was told $5 per page! my attorney had 'a copy' of the entire file, and threw it out rather than give it to me. ugh. there were so very many violations of my families rights, I wish I had known then what I am learning now. thank you JM for being a sane voice for us all!

  2. haha so like random bit. the part you had on there with the lady trying to file a failure to return lease property. I used to manage stores for Rent-A-Center. We filed those all the time and it was ALWAYS a fight to get them filed. some of these police departments are a joke. They try to throw them in together with car repossession laws all the time. What that woman needs to do is contact the prosecutor directly to light a fire under that departments ass.

  3. Why they charge you for something that you were a paid for the desk having them record it when you're paying for their pet paying for their wages they're using your money to charge you for something that you were a paper right

  4. How were you able to determine actual cost of duplication? Was it necessary to submit โ€˜writtenโ€™ complaint for price gouging? This wasnโ€™t clear from the video.

  5. I'm in CA. just got arrested for pulling out a knife on 2 junkies who aske me "let me see what you have in the bag".. this happened at a bus stop and happened in 20 seconds.. the guys told the piggies they didn't want me to get arrested and the piggies convinced them to say something… so i got arrested, the correction officers stripped me down and didn't listen when i told them i have a disability and told me i look normal . well thia happened October 1st 2020 ..
    I want to get the body cams from the patrol officers and the correction officers who abused me.. I'm sure they'll turn on each other, there was over 15 assholes involved.. ๐Ÿ––

  6. Can we audit Justin Pulliam? He seems to take in a lot of money but doesn't show receipts. Driving around on a stag fest to big chains is not putting in work on accountability.

  7. Nice double dipping! Taxpayers actually paid for the DVDโ€™s, and every minute of these employeeโ€™s time already…

  8. 4:55 (LADY) "There's more people, that's why …"
    No, there's only one City Clerk. There are, true, other clerks in the City Clerk's office, but there's only one City Clerk.

  9. You Talk so Fast that I can only make out Half of what you are saying. I'm unsubscribing. It's too frustrating, trying to hear and even Read what you say.
    You even pick a font at 2:03 that is Not Readable cause it's so small Good Luck

  10. She wants you to tell her her job but if you do that they get nasty and abrasive so I usually go in what I deal with public servants nasty and abrasive it takes longer but in the long run I get zero shit

  11. I love the way you do your audits you know your codes you speak quickly they canโ€™t even think as quickly as you speak and I know you have rehearsed or at least memorized everything necessary you do an excellent job you speak the way I think.

  12. Could be worsr, here in Australia most agencies charge ~$30 to submit a FOIA request and then you get charged for the time it takes to retrieve, redact and make a copy etc.

  13. Hey James how do you get those records request man. Iโ€™m trying to get some and I just keep getting the run around and sometimes just told NO!!

  14. Thanks for showing the truth behind the lies. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ There are a lot of people paying into this Courthouse corruption. People should sue the government for allowing this corruption to go on. It's not that politicians don't know, they allow it. Crooks watching crooks backs. The buddy system. ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‘ช๐Ÿ‘ช๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

  15. Always thought it was theft to pay these hags to do a job they're already getting welfare to do. I kinda get paying 15 cents a copy. But kinda not that either. We already pay for the paper, and their time. House of thieves..!!

  16. You're right they should only be charging the actual cost of duplication because they are there as a public entity and should not be charging for profit because our taxes pay for everything already !

  17. I was going to be charged like $4,000 by my city's PD to get me a record of all the hit and runs of unoccupied vehicles that occurred in 2019. I was told it was going to take like 170 hours at $25 per hour because the PD computers do not differentiate between occupied and unoccupied vehicles and so each record would have to be viewed individually.

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