Dayton Mass Shooting Original Surveillance Videos, Timeline, Maps, Details Released

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Dayton, Ohio — The Dayton Police Department released new New Surveillance Videos footage, pictures, maps, timeline and update details all in a presentation of the august 4th 2019 shooting.

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46 thoughts on “Dayton Mass Shooting Original Surveillance Videos, Timeline, Maps, Details Released

  1. So, I still don't get it. Why, what is the purpose of this? Also, why would he want to kill his sister or anyone for that matter? Sorry if I'm missing something.

  2. i never saw this breakdown, shout out to the officers for running towards the gunfire… i live 15 minutes away from Dayton so this shit hit close to home. a friend that i grew up with, his brother was injured, he was there celebrating Logan Turner’s 30th birthday who unfortunately died… it still pisses me off how big of a coward, loser, bum, the shooter was. RIP everyone who lost their lives and i hope the people that lived to see another day are doing well after witnessing that.

  3. Great breakdown guys, helps us understand the system a little better and their hard work solving crimes
    and saving lives. 🌹 We do appreciate the Good Ones. 😉🇺🇸

  4. I remember when this happened and wow what an awesome job by the cop who dropped the gunman before he could get inside that bar!👮👍

  5. Sleeper assassin. You'd never suspect him. Someone whispers a word to him or whatever his trigger is and he goes off. I bet there are more videos but they won't show them. Just saying its possible.

  6. uhhh why are the three people to the presenters right (your left) all smiley and giddy just as a presentation on a mass shooting is beginning??? and prettty sure I heard one of them chuckle at 11:32. dafuq?? that was pretty disturbing in and of itself

  7. At the end that woman giving the President her little personal jab needs to keep her opinion to herself and just give the facts.

  8. They couldn't just say that x amount of people got shot..they gotta say " you can see the racial demographics there" . Like why even say that type of shit. PEOPLE got shot, that's all it needed to be. If it were one or two then yeah be alil different. Just keep tryna divide us all,damn fools.

  9. the cops got him just before he enters the bar and shoot everyone ! wow….. close call. Anyone knows why that guy suddenly decided to become a killer ?

  10. I mean i get it, without the police engaging the suspect and then spending countless hours viewing surveillance footage and carefully and precisely piecing together timelines, this shooting would have been MUCH worse and probably gone unsolved, but still….

    Defund the police because mainstream media 🙄

  11. I am armed 24/7 I dont give a flying crap about your little gun laws ect. Ill carry when I feel the need, and I will not become a victim. Got issues? come at me bois.

  12. I live in Dayton my sisters are in force and their spouses, my friends brother is the first officer to fire on suspect. My friend is the bouncer at Ned Peppers that got people inside locked door and was holding the door shut also. Said he was going to be the first to die in Neds if it came to that. BLM tried to riot in The Oregon District where this happened need to say Dayton police had to save them people from both sides the city Mob them. Funny over 60 people arrested were not from here. Proud to call Dayton my city, Ohio my state and The United States of America my country.

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