Dashcam: Cop Charged With Punching Teen Girl Acquitted

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A St. Paul Police officer will not go to jail for punching a 14-year-old girl in the face while she was handcuffed. Officer Michael Soucheray II was facing a charge of misdemeanor assault in the incident, which could have carried a sentence of 90 days in prison. He was acquitted Thursday after a trial. Prosecutors say the incident started when police responded to a call of a disturbed teen at a local shelter, who was reportedly threatening suicide. When they arrived at the scene, they put the 14-year-old girl in handcuffs after she refused to go to the hospital and became agitated. While putting her in the back of the squad car to take her to the hospital, she reportedly spit in Soucheray’s face. According to the criminal complaint, Soucheray responded by hitting the girl in the face with an open fist twice and grabbing her bay the face and neck area.

His attorney, Peter Wold, said the girl’s actions constituted assault, and Soucheray acted in self defense. “In that video, you cannot see his fist strike her face,” said Wold. He said Officer Soucheray used a police technique called “startle flinch response.” He said it’s when the officers fakes like he’s going to punch someone in the face. He said the subject instinctually flinches, freezes and turns their head. “The jurors saw in slow motion, frame by frame the fist did not touch her face. The act did what it was intended to do and that made her flinch, made her pause, made her stop,” he said.

“She had a booking photo taken 20 minutes later. Not a mark, not a scratch, not even a blemish on her face.” Wold said the incident was a learning lesson for the girl in that she now knows she can’t manipulate a situations like the one that had occurred. “She hasn’t had an easy time getting to be 14 (years old) and hopefully life’s going to be a lot easier in the next 14 years for her. We wish her the best,” he said. He added that Officer Soucheray is anxious to put this stage of his life behind him and get back to his job. “He loves being a cop. And he’s a good cop,” he said.

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33 thoughts on “Dashcam: Cop Charged With Punching Teen Girl Acquitted

  1. A grown adult police officer calling her a little b*tch at 14 with clearly a disturbed upbringing speaks volumes about the cops misogyny, lack of character, hatred (you can hear it in his voice when he calls her a lil b) and lack of understanding on PTSD, and mental health as whole (she even explains the panic attack stuff etc.; even though yes at times she’s being manipulative, she’s a 14 year old with an underdeveloped brain that called because of a suicide threat, there are clearly deep mental health issues here). Often manipulation by a child or teenagers is due to underlying invalidation of trauma and mental health issues that run deeper that adults have not properly addressed.

  2. She is a fuc&ing 14 yr old child YES child. I know to all y’all white folks you don’t see her as that but she is. Now close your 👀 eyes and picture a skinny little blond 14 yr old girl. Now picture a big black guy with a gun on his hip “pretending” to punch her to calm her down. Now open your eyes to the racism in this country. That would absolutely NOT have happened to a little white girl no matter she did. You will NEVER convince me otherwise so don’t even try. If you disagree, YOU are the problem and just as racist as that 👮‍♀️ cop

  3. He should not have lost his temper and assaulted a handcuffed person. She posed no threat to him. Yes, I read the description; and if he didn't actually punch her, then why the angry F'n bitch comment? He was taking his aggression out on a mentally ill person with no regard to his station. People who hold power over others must be compassionate with their use of power. This is yet another reason that cops should not be responding to mental health calls.

  4. If you actually watch she could not have spit in his face from her position at the time and his fist definitely makes contact and there is no such technique the officer definitely assaulted a minor and is the reason why many officers get a bad name

  5. I was spit on several times working in EMS and never responded like this. This cop deserves to have his license revoked and sent to jail. I understand we are all human but as a public servant, we are held to a higher standard because of everything that is happening in todays world.

  6. I read there was a trial and the officer was found not guilty. It says he didn't actually hit her but from this video I can't tell if he made contact or not. This young girl was clearly having a mental breakdown, which is why our police officers should have training that specializes in handling people who have mental health issues. This girl although she might sound like she's older was still a 14 year old girl and this should of been handled much differently than putting her in handcuffs and expecting her to go quietly!

  7. "He loves being a cop…YOU FUCKING BITCH!!"
    "Your behavior"… never the fuck mind you're dealing with someone that's obviously disturbed and chemically imbalanced. "NO FUCKING ROOM FOR SYMPATHIES OR UNDERSTANDING from those in a privileged position of public service!! ZERO! Y'ALL FUCKING HEAR??!#&@"—- pointed irony.

  8. She was suicidal. She needed help, not a punch to the face. This is a good example of defunding the police. We need to divert money to personnel trained in dealing with psychotic people, without injury to officer of suspect.

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