NFL Owners Approve New National Anthem Policy: Kneel Or Stay In The Locker Room

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43 thoughts on “NFL Owners Approve New National Anthem Policy: Kneel Or Stay In The Locker Room

  1. blacks getting done wrong by the police ,,, is a fact , now the cops will f with anybody ,, but the blacks get it more , it is true , but the flag kneel thing ain`t working for the blacks , maybe some nfl players kneeling at the flag in front of a court house or city hall or a police station with some media coverage would be better , hell your fans would support it , thats all

  2. How about, if you work at a company, any ,company, you gotta do what they say? If they don't like it, i'm sure they'd be hell at the next High School game. I don't like drug tests at work,but if you wanna do certain jobs, you gotta drug test. If you wanna work at the NFL and make millions of dollars for playing a game ? Get your ass up and stand for the anthem! Go protest after the game but don't bring your politics into a non political arena.

    Bravo NFL!

    Oh yea, and pull your pants up!

  3. How is this policy remotely contitutional? Is any part of the constitution except for the second amendment being upheld anymore? Judging by who's in the White House- this shouldn't surprise me.

  4. I wish people would love each other instead of blaming others come on guys and girls your life is too short to blame all of this on one person if you dont like someone just leave them alone and try to move forward in life you cant if your stuck in the past

  5. So are we making the people who pay for NFL tickets & are either getting concessions, walking around or are in the bathroom during the anthem stand as well? No? Well then, this is some hypocritical bullshit.
    Also these players even coming out of the locker room for the anthem has only a thing for about the last decade so it isn't like it's some endless tradition that's being broken that everyone needs to get all offended about. Why did it even start? So people would fall for that fake patriotic shit & sign up for the military. It was a new NFL policy that was paid for by the military (taxpayer dollars) hoping to get poorer people to do just that.
    They needed more people willing to go needlessly fight to get US & multinational corporations better deals in other countries when those country's governments don't bow down & do what these companies want immediately. KNOW YOUR HISTORY! It saves you from falling for stupid shit. Have a great day!

  6. I stopped watching the NFL a long time ago. At this point my thing is if ALL the players kneel the owners and the network stops making money. Just shows how people in positions of power think they OWN the other people who they sign the checks for. It's an exchange of services. They NEED players. The players provide the talent.

  7. I think whatever the protest is for I believe the message the NFL is sending to the players is "ME BOSS YOU NOT" black or white when your ass is in my Stadiums you belong to me and I make the rules and you'll do what your told, Once again ME BOSS YOU NOT! When I go to my job if my boss says NO Kneeling at work I don't do it😁

  8. ALL the NFL players should CONTINUE to take a knee. If that happens, then if you penalize ALL of the players then there will no longer be ANY football which isn't possible because LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of people watch football. So at that point the owners will have no choice but to let the players continue to take a knee to injustices until the injustices stop.

  9. We need more than kneeling. We need prison reform. Thousands of poor people are innocent and yet still incarcerated across the country. They can't afford an attorney and they are stuck with the overburdened public defender. We need prison reform and to help the Innocence Project. We need more than kneeling. The rich can afford an attorney and can get off. People are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty. But if you're poor and innocent, you are unjustly incarcerated anyway. I give Trump props for low unemployment and for working on prison reform.

  10. BLM is a mental disorder. Cultural Marxism doesn't go over well with the MAJORITY of America black or white. The NFL finally woke up! Colin capernick is another BLM shill! Charlemagne you are just another boule pos pushing this mental disorder!

  11. The debate as to whether kneeling during the national anthem is disrespectful or not is very subjective. So that comes down to a personal decision. I believe everyone is well aware of the issues our country faces. I just think people don't want to bring politics into sports. I've always felt sports is a time where we put differences aside and come together to enjoy the thrill of the game. I'm sure people are concerned with the 1st amendment but that doesn't cover your contractual agreement with your private employer. The 1st amendment only covers suppression by the Federal Government. I think this whole protest is more about the platform. NFL players are using their employers platform to forward their personal agenda which is resulting in a loss of profit. So there is no surprise the NFL wants to stop this protest to protect the bottom line. At the end of the day the fact of the matter is the NFL is well within their powers to contractually require their employees to participate or stay in the locker rooms. I'm sure a lawsuit will be brought up but I doubt it'll get traction.

  12. The NFL is an entertainment business… Protesting isn't entertaining.

    I can't protest and go to work at the same time. When I'm punched in, I'm "performing" because someone is paying for my time.

    Imagine going to see a Vegas show, and seeing the performers protesting about something unrelated to the show right before they take the stage. Now apply that to an NFL broadcast.

    If these NFL players were serious, they'd pool some of their money ($200/game) and really make an establishment… and not just kneel before they take the stage.

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