21 thoughts on “Criminal Defense Attorney Tom Higgins is highly respected by police

  1. He might be a “plant” for the prosecution’s side. This happens a lot. Double agents who supposedly defend their client but “mess up” the case. This is especially true for national high profile cases where a big time lawyer “offers their help for free”. Inevitably that defendant goes to prison, loses appeals and later realizes their attorney screwed them. Higgins lives and works in the State where you were charged. He has tons of relationships with law enforcement and the Feds. I believe you were setup to go to prison.

  2. If a lawyer doesn't support his client and misinforms them, he is not looking out for the best interest of his client. Fire him! If the cops support him them he will not defend you to the best of his ability. He is just another part of the blue line shit and doesn't deserve to be called a defense lawyer

  3. Narcissists serve narcissists. If you are a good, empathic, normal person then you are supply and will never prosper in a narcissistic society. Rise up and rebel. Disempower these psychopaths and let's bring some beauty and good back in the world.

  4. You hired him to work for you, not against you. That's malpractice. Inform the Bar and get your $ back.
    //Edit: oh that was a year ago.Tell us about the outcome or where to look for the outcome please.

  5. Being respected by cops means they know to do right or he'll catch them trying
    to screw people. The real truth of an Attorney is in the document whereas he's
    having to pay his clients back & get further education. That means he's taken
    their money & not given 100%? By the time the Bar acts chances are the ATTY
    has had many other complaints & that's what you need to know prior to ever
    retaining him. I try not to get into trouble…. it's always too expensive !! peace

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