Cops cuffed her for failing to signal, but a camera turned their plan upside down

Brittany Trevino of New Braunfels, Texas was going through her family storage unit two years ago when she was suddenly accosted by police and arrested under questionable circumstances. Trevino’s possession of a small pipe used to smoke legal CBD hemp was used to charge her with drug paraphernalia, a crime for which she was ultimately convicted. Despite this injustice, Trevino tried to move on with her life—then, one day, she encountered the same officer who arrested her. Overcome with displeasure, Trevino made a rude gesture to the officer, who responded by walking away from a traffic stop he was conducting to pull Trevino over and arrest her for failing to signal a lane change. Police Accountability Report reviews the footage and evidence surrounding Trevino’s case, and speaks with Brittany personally to examine how much of a burden the system has placed on her life and family.

Production: Stephen Janis, Taya Graham
Post-Production: Stephen Janis, Adam Coley

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39 thoughts on “Cops cuffed her for failing to signal, but a camera turned their plan upside down

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  2. Change the Military Us v Them Mindset many future cops have would
    go a long way.
    Learn American Sign Language, cops don’t know if a person is actually
    deaf or just doesn’t care or are trying to flee.
    Tell the difference between being drunk behind the wheel
    or a medical issue ~ (heart attack or stroke.)
    Learn the Constitution inside out as a condition of graduation.
    Better trying to weed out racist cops by seeing how they treat
    a black recruit differently than a white one while still in the

  3. We need to learn how to go after the bonds these corrupt cops have and take cases from the municipal courts to the federal courts for violating our constitutional rights and be willing to SUE

  4. Was I the only one who heard that admit when he first encountered britney he said, yes the reason I pulled you over is because you failed to use you your turn signal when you flipped me off. Then said get out of the car and what you're going through from me to you. I hope you stay strong in your endeavors. You go girl stay strong.

  5. That's part of their game. They try and get another cop on the scene to do the arrest to distance themselves in the paperwork. Then when you get to the judge the judge tells you they don't want to hear about another officer who isn't on the paperwork. It's a game for them.

  6. Someone please tell me why don’t cops pay into a federal fund to help all judgments against law enforcement people…they would be paying with their own money instead of another way to hold taxpayers accountable again !!! This should be brought up by our politicians !?!??

  7. Of course no outside eyes they think they have a blank check to do whatever they can and save each other about what is done !!??!!?? They did tell on themselves and got caught !??

  8. So proud of her pulling it together. She wanted so badly to cry when he pulled her out of the car, but when he announced she was being arrested for unsafe lane change, you could almost feel the moment she realized that he had fucked up and she had him. And he was so deep in his narcissistic serotonin dump that he had no idea how bad he'd fucked up. Hope she attaches to every dollar he makes for the rest of his life

  9. Curious, It was not clear why she had to come to court some 45 times. Was that some part of a ‘probation’ imposed on her. If not, was her case constantly being rescheduled because the court did not reach her matter, or the arresting was not in court?
    Think about the Brown matter, in Ferguson Missouri, where he was shot and killed by the officer, a study was done in that county, and the county where St Louis is located, and they found how the system was so intellectually dishonest people were trapped paying fines for years arising out of a minor transgression. How the number of citations issued out numbered how many people there were in that county. And that the dollar amount recovered paid for much of the salaries and expenses of the whole municipal governmental system, well in excess of what those cases should have produced. The people caught up in the system were on what was in effect a life time of indentured servitude!
    So the lie we are taught in law school, that we then tell ourselves and anyone who is listening that, ‘We are a nation of laws and not of men’, is the big lie that is repeated so often very few challenge it because it must be true since we are not that kind of a people!

  10. Cant arrest for a traffic infraction. Traffic infractions are civil. CIVIL ONLY can result in monetary discipline. These badged weasels are flyong further and further off the rails. We currently are being marched into a totalitarian state. And its happening at a continually rapid clip

  11. When you allow this type of illegal law enforcement activity to happen, it will eventually happen to you. Welcome to life as a black American. Especially black male Americans. You reap what you sew.

  12. The courts are corrupt, and police are not SERVE and Protect. IT'S Harass and Collect …… the city's and town all make good money doing this scam ……. defund the Police and retraining is very very necessary. NOW

  13. Patrick Akers is the prime example of what a corrupt LEO looks like. Thankfully his manager explained the law to him. More less that you can not arrest someone for a traffic violation. Shame on this whole police department!!!!

  14. These pigs destroy lives for $$$$$$ for the system, which is why they are kept on duty……

    It all falls on our own heads, as we are surrounded by our fellow citizens who look the other way.

    Until it happens to them.

  15. Taya, you didn't mention the killer "mandates" which have sickened and slaughtered MILLIONS and continues killing to this day, and this isn't just here but world wide – but it certainly STARTED here. The biggest drug pushers and killers are the corporate drug industry and they intentionally set out to make certain that the number of breathing people on this planet was and continues to be DRASTICALLY reduced, with the mandates being a huge factor, but every other kind of killer drug used by the med industry as well, along with our border being opened to more killer illicit drugs than ever in history.
    This was all deliberate, and idk if you've ever dealt with this subject, but it is the most serious crime ever committed against human beings here and globally in history.

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