Cop Picks A Fight And Loses 3 Out Of 3 Rounds

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50 thoughts on “Cop Picks A Fight And Loses 3 Out Of 3 Rounds

  1. Cops need their balls to be handed to them sometimes for the way the act and treat and what they say to residents without any responsibility !!!!!!!!

  2. I hope he was a good defender. If he has a public defender he has no chance against those lies. He will get him to plead guilty. My son went off the rails (mental health) . He was accused of threatening in court to kill a judge. His lawyer told him to plead guilty. He refused.He said I didn’t threaten to kill him. Went to court lawyer stood up and said he pled guilty. My son said No I don’t. So the lawyer refused to represent him. He defended himself. When cops got his record that detailed his IQ they tried to delay the trial to get a barrister not a police sergeant. Judge refused. Trial went ahead. He opted for a jury. . While in jail waiting trial he got mental health medication and read up the law. Pled his case on a point of law and won Found not guilty. Judge he was supposed to have threatened was called in to testify and admitted the point of law.. Cops steaming mad. Judge furious. Defence lawyer got reprimand. Son now well and doing great. Know the law!

  3. These cops have been trampling over people for way too long and think that people won't fight back they're wrong it's quickly becoming a different side of civilization , the reality check just to make sure society is paying attention , defend yourself people

  4. They had no reason to arrest him because the police officer should have never responded that way and since he did he should have taken his butt whooping like a real man and shaking his hand and getting someone like he originally asked for but he is just a coward. When you pretty much accept that type of offer you know exactly what you're doing and then to say and think he's got mental problems (which he could) also doesn't look good for the police either. They all know this was one of those you take off that badge and gun and let's take care of buisness but this cop has zero honor at all. The other police running around making sure they get him arrested even though they know the cop got his butt beat and shouldn't be charged because he won. A bunch of losers. Don't police know by now people are tired of these tyrants. Get the dude someone. Is not that hard of a job for crying out loud.

  5. Let me get this straight…

    * Man in need of help goes to the sty

    * A real pig of a pig oinks at repeatedly at the man "you're mental" and "no pig will help you… because you're mental"

    * When the man responds to repeated taunts by calmly saying "come say that to my face" the pig leaves the secure area intent on escalating the situation into violence

    * Three times we saw poetic justice;
    ¹ pig didnt have what it took to back up his tough guy mouth
    ² man let's the pig get up, the pig attacks… and goes down again!!!
    ³ pig pulls his gun but is quickly disarmed and put on the ground again

    He may not have won the war due to overwhelming numbers of opposition forces but our hero did win three battles with a minimum of violence and no casualties

  6. This cop has the nerve to say "hopefully" after the guy says "I'll see you again", after just getting his ass whooped and had to have other armed, grown men to help him. If he was alone and unarmed and saw this guy where he had no backup, he wouldn't act so brave, because we just saw how much of a coward he was.
    See, here's the problem, while it's true that this guy committed battery against the cop, the cop antagonized him into it. Then, when the guy gets off of the cop, instead of calling for backup to arrest him for assault and battery and processes him, he decides to escalate further by assaulting and battering the guy that let him up and was no longer attacking him. Get's his ass handed to him again and then decides to escalate again instead of calling for backup, again, by drawing a deadly weapon about to use deadly force when there was no indication that his assailant intended deadly force. Other wise he wouldn't have kept letting him up and stopped attacking. This cop deserved to get his ass whooped. He earned it. Problem is, this cop is still a cop and will now be a even more cowardly, trigger happy pig, and will end up killing someone.

  7. Another, arrogant, egotistical, thug, poc with a sworn oath to help, gets a lesson…..
    THEY NEVER HELP unless it is a pr stunt…..
    He asked for help and could have unalived the cop if he wanted BUT DID NOT…..
    The cop WAS Willing to unalive him though, pulling a gun like a coward…..

  8. James man it's getting way out of hand, they are trying to make it illegal to film the police, because they don't want everyone to see the truth, they like it better in the old days when they could say what ever they want and most believe what they say, now with cell phones they can't get away with their lies,
    So now they are making it illegal to film them, I believe most people have been railroaded by the 🐽🐷, shoot I have been railroaded several times, back before there were cellphones, thanks for the great videos bro ,✌️

  9. First Record the call.
    Call up the station right outside of it and ask for a superior when connected ask if he is in his office and can talk for awhile on the phone or on his cell phone.
    Towards the end of the call start to walk into the police station. Then ask to make a complaint while just standing outside of it.
    "well you have to do that down at the station" "okay I'm right downstairs right as we're speaking come and see me so I can fill out a complaint form"

  10. The only movement the "suspect" did regarding the gun was pushing it to the side so that it wasn't facing him.

    I think they should hire him to replace the aggressive officer that starts fights. He wasn't violent using hits and stopped using force the moment the threat was no longer threatening. He shows more restraint than most officers.

  11. Officer safety comes before every other thing or person and that badge gives them special rights and privileges and in the end the thin blue line will investigate themselves and absolve themselves of any wrong doing.

  12. He could’ve easily done real harm to the cop and he clearly chose not to. He had the easy opportunity to do it, yet didn’t. That says a lot about him.

  13. That was great especially after the officer pulled out his gun and the guy just straight up takes him down, holy fuck does that officer suck at hand to hand and shooting, WOW

  14. Way to protect and serve, they can involuntarily commit people 24/7 but when someone comes in to ask for help instead of doing some crazy shift he cant even call anyon and be of service.

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