Category 5 Shitstorm. California Guardian and Silent Citizen physically assaulted

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32 thoughts on “Category 5 Shitstorm. California Guardian and Silent Citizen physically assaulted

  1. Question, why are governments mostly out of control and exist only to control?
    Simply put, because most of us allow them to. We actually have power over them and completely refuse to use it, so why is that?
    Fear, they hold power through fear, they have an army of attack dogs to protect their control and enforce it called the police and we are taught to fear the police and the illusion of authority. We cave in at every turn and we let them hold mastery over us in just about everything. As a people, one massive body of power we have to say NO to anything that is against our interest and stop giving in to fear tactics, propaganda, lies and mind control through the mainstream media, also be aware of diversionary tactics that take you away from issues that they do not want you to think about, finally wake up not just yourself but as many as you can reach wake up to what is going on.
    Government is the enemy of the people and can not in anyway be trusted. Politics is a filthy dirty corrupt pool of excrement that good people dive into and lose their soul and humanity. When a normal person puts on the uniform of an agent of the government they are corrupted instantly. So why are we not bringing them down? is it not a case of self-preservation for us to remove a government that commits acts of violence in our name and against us.
    Consider the royals, why are they almost worshipped by many, they are just other people and realistically have no power over us and should have no say in how we live our lives. We have to stop living under the illusion of authority and the religion of government.

  2. Has the actual pepper spraying video been deleted, of the woman prison employee coming out to the sidewalk, by youtube, or has it gone for evidence of a crime. Can someone cut and paste it to this video? I want to send it to someone in the UK. They are having the same problem..

  3. @johnny amazing coverage! the great gambit was stepping away when the sergeant threaten you, even tho we all know you had the right to stay on the sidewalk however if you would of stayed on it you'll be arrested as well, kept your cameras and deleted everything.. but you stepped away and we all saw how corrupts they are thanks to your coverage.. great job!

  4. I have watched the videos and there are so many lies and laws broken by white shirted thug and the other "brown shirts" that I can not count them. Two of my old friends were imprisoned in Nazi Germany. They came to the USA to be free. They died many years ago. I am sure this incident has them rolling over in their graves.

  5. Oh well , this is bad ! ……. Looks like they want a war …. time to give them one , I'd say !! I know that there are some former military guys amongst you auditors .ย  Time to bring your experience to bear.ย  You don't wanna know how I would handle this !….. These thugs need putting back in their box by any means required….

  6. Please remember that most of these cops carry a second weapon on them that does not have a serial number so they can plant it on you or near you after they shoot and kill you so they can say it was a Justified murder please be careful

  7. johnny five o, you have my utmost respect and support in all you California & Texas based Auditors do! Iโ€™ve been watching these audits from my comfortable chair in Central FL, and am deeply concerned for the further erosion of our Civil Liberties and Constitutionally protected and guaranteed rights. It saddens me when people try to divide us into Liberal vs. Conservative, Blue vs. Red ideology, because this affects EVERY AND ALL AMERICANS, regardless of political persuasion, race, creed, or beliefs. The system has been perverted. We pay these people to provide us with professional law enforcement services, give them every tool at their disposal to uphold their Oath, and do the job we ask them to do. When did it all become an out-of-control, Authoritarian Police State? My opinion is that 9/11 changed EVERYTHING! Weโ€™ve allowed Habeus Corpus to be suspended, all in a futile effort to stop โ€œpre-crime,โ€ (Minority Report-style…) These jackboot thug pigs would rather be wrong and make a bad arrest of a law-abiding citizen journalist, than to peacefully ask questions (that weโ€™d refuse to answer anyway!) and find out what we are doing, and why. Theyโ€™d rather I.D. and cuff you, than to say โ€œHello. Have a nice day.โ€ Somewhere along the line, post 9/11, weโ€™ve allowed the neighborhood cop on the beat to become a para-military pre-crime stopper, a vigilante warrior, without any justification or reasonable articulation of wrongdoing or probable cause. This perversion has me seeking realistic answers and common sense solutions. We must become more active at the local level, attend city commission meetings and school boards. We must press our local leaders to demand accountability, and if necessary, demand changes! Get active at the grass roots level. Get in their faces! Make your voice heard, and make sure they know who and what you stand for. Again, all my support and utmost respect for what you and every activist does for all of us. Being willing to subject yourselves to arrest, to stand firm in your beliefs and convictions, is the noblest cause I can think of! Thanks again…

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