Bodycam Videos Show Orlando Police Officer Fatally Shooting Man During Patrol Stop

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Orlando, Florida — On July 3, 2023, around 1:51 a.m., three Orlando police officers on bicycles were conducting proactive patrols at East Jefferson Street and North Orange Avenue when they approached 26-year-old Derek Diaz in a car. Bodycam videos shared by police shows officers approaching Diaz’s car, ordering him to turn off his music and put his hands on the steering wheel. Police said at the time he was suspected of illegal drug activity and pulled over. “Give me that. Give me the other one, and put your hands on the steering wheel right now,” officer Jose Velez told him, pointing to two items in Diaz’s hands that appear to be wrapped in foil. Officer Velez then told Diaz not to move. Another officer opened the driver’s side door.

Diaz turned to the other side and opened the center console. “Put your hands on the steering wheel, put your hands on the steering wheel,” Velez said. Diaz appeared to again reach toward the console. Then, Velez shot. Just hours after the shooting, Police determined that Diaz had drugs on him, but he was not armed with a weapon. A separate angle from the officer on the passenger side shows a small item flying from the driver’s side window just before the shooting. The police department said this object was “later identified as narcotics.” Police went to aid Diaz after the shooting. The bodycam footage shows Diaz being dragged out of his car and onto the ground, where an officer began to perform CPR. Orlando police continued to perform CPR on Diaz until the Orlando Fire Department arrived. Diaz was pronounced dead at the hospital.

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0:00 – Bodycam: Officer Jose Velez
5:09 – Bodycam: Officer #2
11:50 – Bodycam: Officer #3
16:51 – Patreon Supporters

** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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47 thoughts on “Bodycam Videos Show Orlando Police Officer Fatally Shooting Man During Patrol Stop

  1. Wow man!!!! These pigs need better training! Killed a minor criminal because he tried to toss drugs out the window. I hope his family members file a massive lawsuit against you trigger happy scum and WIN!!!! Fucking ignorant pigs 😔👎👎👎🖕🖕🖕

  2. That was awful. I would hate to live in America everyone being on edge because of guns. Until you do something about the gun laws and closing gun stores this will never end. Jeremy Downunder

  3. IDK. I wasn’t there and didn’t see, hear or understand the scene from the LEOs POV. Guy was certainly up to no good- apparently with some comparatively low-level drug activity. But on the other hand he was not armed. But he also clearly disobeyed the Officer’s crystal-clear command/instructions and was then reaching. Ya obviously don’t need to be in LE to know that makes officers very nervous. With good reason. Keep an open mind and hopefully the investigation will be thorough and independent.

  4. How justified was this ? YES.
    Dude killed himself with stupidity.
    I'm sure there's going to be all sorts of public outrage and this officer is going to have to deal with people demanding that he use magic to deal with situations like this.

  5. Incompetent cop should be charged with murder because he had the intent of shooting him to harm him or kill him when there was no obvious threat. Reaching for a console is not a threat.

  6. The "just follow orders" brigade here defending cops shooting an unarmed man who was trying to follow confusing orders. Absolutely disgusting behaviour from the cops. There was absolutely zero reason to suspect that the guy had a gun, let alone even had intent to hurt them. Yet bootlickers will respond "Shouldve just followed orders!!" Like yeah how did thst work out for daniel shaver

  7. You might be shadowbanned I keep getting unviewable videos from your channel like 1 in every 5. When I click on the agreement button for the explicit video it kicks me back to home screen so far 4 of your videos are unviewable for me.

  8. So the cop shot him
    Before even seeing a gun and then made his last few Moments on earth as short and as painful as possible by performing cpr while he was still alive and just helped to pump the last of his blood out. You would think cops would have a basic level of first aid training. What a fuck up.

  9. Maybe this reaction would be warranted if the cop was alone but there was multiple on the scene and no visual of a gun. Imo firing based off of a presumption is a bad shoot. Now granted baton cop should have been paying better attention but there were other options here.

  10. So what did he grab that caused a bullet through the chest?? We don't know, but they were quick to keep the cop away and quiet.

  11. This is a young guy. They pulled him out like he was a piece meat. I am not sure about this one at all. It could have been avoided.
    He was in agony by how he was moaning in pain.
    I just wish they could have got him to come out of the car.
    So sad. Poor Boy
    Elizabeth in England

  12. ..Again..

    I will state that I Support Police100+% !

    Being a cop is NOT easy whatsoever!

    Hands-Down This is 100% Murder

    You-DO-NOT-SHOOT nor ( Take a Life for Bag of Drugs )

    You-DO-NOT-SHOOT for an act of Reaching !

    This entire scenerio is Dirty and has Murder written all over it!

    Im sorry this cop was not properly trained for his position!
    This IDIOT cop is doing CPR on a person whom is Not Yet Deceased!
    You-DO-NOT-COMPRESS persons chest sternum unless the heart is Asystole!
    IMPRISON THIS DUMS ASSED COP! Hes a Ficking IDIOT! and Dangerous!

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