Bodycam Shows Indiana Police Officer Shoot Man Holding a Hammer

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On Monday, October 28, 2019 at 6:28 p.m., an EPD Officer was dispatched to a traffic collision. A witness to the crash stopped to see if they could render assistance to the driver involved in the collision. Within two minutes, an officer arrived and was met by the original witness to the crash as well as two other witnesses. One of the witnesses told the officer that he believed that the driver of the vehicle appeared to be under the influence of some substance. Officer approached the wrecked vehicle and found the driver, who has been identified as 45 year-old Terry Wayne Chanley. Chanley was sitting in the vehicle with his door open and appeared to be intoxicated by his appearance and mannerisms. Officer asked Chanley for his driver`s license and registration and he just shook his head and began reaching underneath his seat. Chanley was given verbal commands to stop reaching for items, which he ignored. Because Chanley continued to reach for items in a suspicious manner disregarding the officer’s orders, the officer backed away in order to give him some distance from Chanley and drew his weapon.

The officer continued to shout commands, telling Chanley to show his hands. Chanley then grabbed an object appeared to be black, pointed it at the officer and began to move toward him in an aggressive manner. ‘At this point, the officer believing that Chanley was armed with a gun and posed an immediate threat to himself and the witnesses that were behind the officer fired his handgun at Chanley’. Officer began to back away from Chanley while still issuing commands and ‘Chanley continued to advance on the officer in an aggressive manner. Fearing for his own safety and the safety of the witnesses’, officer fired at Chanley again. Chanley still continued to advance on the officer fired a third and final time in order to stop the immediate threat to his life.The EPD believe that the ‘officer acted and performed his duties in a legal, justified, and reasonable manner, taking action to protect members of the public as well as himself from serious injury or harm’.

After the shooting, the officer said Chanley was holding a black object the officer thought was a gun. Police released a picture showing a black hammer laying on the ground. “At the beginning it was just like any other crash investigation,” said Sgt. Jason Cullum, the police spokesman. “We don’t know why he (Chanley) acted as he did. The officer took actions as he was trained to do.” The Vanderburgh County coroner’s office says Chanley died from a single gunshot to the chest. The name of the officer involved in the shooting hasn’t been released. Cullum says the officer remains on paid leave, adding he is also meeting with a mental health counselor.

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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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42 thoughts on “Bodycam Shows Indiana Police Officer Shoot Man Holding a Hammer

  1. This cop sounded like he had a mental breakdown ..he should have probably been tested more before hire but he definitely should not be a police officer

  2. I know this sounds like a crazy statistic, but over 80% of cops go thier whole career without firing their gun. Over 50% go thier entire career without pulling thier gun on someone. I truly think there are cops who really just want to help people. I think he was one of them, and I think this is going to haunt him.

  3. You can hear happiness in his voice until he lunged at him with his hammer, that guy ruined the cop’s day by doing that, the cop was just horrified

  4. What are you going policia when you going cops when hands keep you policia when police chase you this going police chase you want me this need when you going when could

  5. To all those that say cops are cold blooded murderers that are shoot happy need to hear and watch this. Just sad they are forced to make that decision that gets them home to their families at the end of the shift. Never do I hear any officer wake up and start a shift saying they hope to shoot someone that day.

  6. "Cullum says the officer remains on paid leave, adding he is also meeting with a mental health counselor" poor lad, killing someone clearly fucked him up. The footage shows this, too.

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