Bodycam Footage of West Hartford Police Officer Shooting Car Theft Suspect

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West Hartford, Connecticut — On August 8, 2023 at approximately 5:00 p.m., West Hartford police were attempting to stop a stolen Hyundai Elantra that was traveling east on New Britain Avenue. At the intersection of New Britain Avenue and South Street, the Hyundai struck a silver BMW and then a blue Honda Pilot. After the collision with the Honda Pilot, the Hyundai became disabled. Two occupants of the vehicle, Lyle Solsbury, and Mike Alexander-Garcia, exited the vehicle. Officers quickly apprehended Solsbury. Alexander-Garcia fled east on New Britain Avenue. He unsuccessfully attempted to carjack two vehicles as he made his way to Town Fair Tire at 980 New Britain Avenue. He entered a Toyota RAV4 in one of the garage service bays.

Moments later, West Hartford K-9 Officer Andrew Teeter entered the garage bay. In an effort to apprehend Alexander-Garcia, Officer Teeter deployed the K-9 into the Toyota and then entered the passenger side of the vehicle. Despite the K-9 and Officer Teeter being in the vehicle struggling with Alexander-Garcia, he backed out of the garage and drove out of the Town Fair Tire parking lot striking two vehicles. One of those vehicles was the K-9 police vehicle. As Alexander-Garcia continued to drive, Officer Teeter discharged his weapon multiple times striking Alexander-Garcia in the torso. The Toyota crashed into a utility pole across the street from Town Fair Tire near the intersection of New Britain Avenue and Shield Street. Alexander-Garcia was taken to Hartford Hospital. He was pronounced dead at 5:53 p.m. Officer Teeter sustained a broken rib and multiple head lacerations. There was no apparent injury to the K-9.

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0:00 – Dashcam: Officer Teeter
0:59 – Bodycam: Officer Teeter
1:58 – Surveillance Footage
2:37 – Bodycam: Officer Piccirillo
3:10 – Bodycam: Officer Lazure
3:37 – Patreon Supporters

** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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30 thoughts on “Bodycam Footage of West Hartford Police Officer Shooting Car Theft Suspect

  1. Imagine that your last words to the world (quite literally) were “ No Officer, pleeeease”, in a high pitched voice. Well done to the officer, hope you recover quickly. Good boy Loki.

  2. Cop Murdered him plain and simple. In the car with his dog.. puts the gun into his torso and shoots.

    Dude was begging for his life and scared trying to do whatever he can to survive and escape. ITS ONLY HUMAN.

    Fuck police bro I’m no longer blue lives matter I’m tired of watching cops just shoot people they can’t control.

    I don’t care about the criminal I care about how easy it is to be shot these days!

  3. I like how you could see the officer move the dog with his right forearm to hold the guy back and unloaded into his lungs with his left hand. Even in the heat of the moment the officer was thinking about his partners safety

  4. So what’s why my bumper was all destroyed, the seat was covered in brown dried liquid, and the door had bullet holes when I get my suv back from the oil change

  5. Oficerze i K9 dużo żeście jako partnerzy ryzykowali prawdopodobnie życiem. Dobra zespołowa taktyka działania i wspierania się ja jestem pełen podziwu i szacunku. A gość z fryzurą na ananasa dostał na co zasłużył. Życzę K9 i Oficerowi zdrowia . Pozdrawiam serdecznie z Polski Warszawy

  6. Anytime when a K9 officer life is in danger, it is justified use of deadly force. Good to see this case has a happy ending.

  7. he started leaking that shot to the back rib cage was devastating shouldve listend instead of ignoring a cop yelling "im going to shoot you stop"

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