Bodycam Footage Of Police Shooting Kidnapping Suspect in Richmond, California

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Richmond, California — Richmond and Oakland police have released body-cam videos showing the tail end of a chaotic incident on April 16, in which 24-year-old old Juan Ayon-Barraza allegedly mortally injured Vallejo resident Tamisha Thomas, dumped her lifeless body near Moraga, and led police on a chase before officers shot and killed him. The incident started on April 16th when family members of a 29-year-old Vallejo woman reported her missing to police. The family said the woman was last seen with 24-year-old Juan Ayon-Barraza of Vallejo. They expressed fear for her safety based on comments made by Ayon-Barraza who fled from them when confronted about her whereabouts. Just before 7 pm that evening, a cyclist in the Oakland Hills called 911 and reported seeing a man, on Pinehurst RD., Carrying a human body wrapped in a blanket.

The 911 caller said he could hear victim moaning but could not reach her. Oakland and Moraga Police and the Contra Costa Sheriff’s Office responded. The van and car left. The victim was found down a steep embankment of Pinehurst RD. The victim had been shot in the head severely beaten. She was rushed to the Hospital in critical condition. A few miles away, a Moraga Police Officer spotted the 1999 chevy van matching the description given by the caller on Pinehurst RD. just before Redwood RD. Moraga e Oakland Police began a pursuit on Redwood RD. which led to Skyline Blvd. Oakland Police took the lead on the pursuit as the driver headed west onto Joaquin Miller RD. and then onto Southbound Highway 13.

After Ayon-Barraza turned onto westbound I-580, he put his hand out of his window while holding a hangun. He was driving in exesss of 100 mph. The driver took I-580 and exited onto Bayview Ave. He drove through Richmond city streets to San Pablo Ave. He ran multiple red lights and drove on city streets at speed in excess of 90 mph. He also weaved in and out of oncoming traffic putting the public at risk. As he made a left onto Macdonald Ave., a Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office Helicopter arrived and captured the reminder of the incident. After the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Helicopter arrived overhead, Oakland Police Officers relinquished the pursuit to helicopter and the Richmond Police Department. Oakland Police Officers followed the pursuit at a distance.

The aerial video shows the final moments of the incident. When Ayon-Barraza made a u-turn on S. 37th street, he pointed his gun at Officers. Ayon-Barraza’s vehicle rammed two patrol cars injured two Oakland Police Officers. One Richmond Police Officer and multiple Oakland Police Officers discharged their service weapons. The officers then rushed in to assist the officer who was struck by Ayon-Barraza’s van. They appeared distressed as several pulled the officer into a patrol car, screaming, “Where were you shot? Where were you shot?”. The injured officer replied that he was run over, not shot. He suffered several broken bones and is expected to recover. The suspect sustained a fatal gunshot wound during this incident and was pronounced deceased at the scene.

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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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  1. That was a bit excessive, There must of been at least 20 bullets flying around. I can't believe 2 officers fired through the front windows of there cruisers. That was a crazy 1 with bullets flying all over the place. What a moron he was.

  2. The penalty for sin is hell for eternity but Jesus died for our sins. Repent and believe in Jesus and his resurrection and you will be saved. Trust me, you don’t want to burn in hell for eternity. God Bless

  3. I think it’s funny how everybody is busting this dude’s balls for using A 1911 instead of the department issued Glock’s saying he’s a boomer and how he should care about the peoples lives that he supposed to be policing yeah I’ll take the accuracy of a 5 inch barrel and a single action hammer over a 4 inch barrel of a Glock and a shitty plastic made double action any day

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