34 thoughts on “Bodycam: Emails are NOT exempt under Florida law | Don’t let them say otherwise.

  1. Another frauditor, I predict they will incite a new law soon stopping this harassment and everyone will be mad and wonder why. Just check out YouTube and these ppl that think this is some type of job, which its NOT. It saddens me when P people abuse the system and when something is done about it they whine like little children and throw a temper tantrum because they didn't get their way. 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  2. Although you are probably correct that she is just unfamiliar with the Sunshine State Public Records law, my guess is also that she (and every clerk) has been told that "If you don't know for sure that a record is available under the Sunshine Law, tell the person it's not."

  3. There's no such thing as a good cop, they're all paid to take rape and kill humans. To hell with the thin blue balls gang murderers. Over eight hundred humans lost their lives to these criminals in 2019 alone. On average twelve hundred humans will lose their life to the biggest corrupt gang in America. It's time we disarm the biggest gang in America and take back our GOD given rights as free people.

  4. I imagine the conversation behind the scenes went something like "Oh shit, he requested my emails, and I confirmed our continuous violation of state and federal laws many, many times in my emails, and I'm sure that other blue isis members confirmed it. How about you tell him that emails are exempt, and refuse to provide them. Either he'll just give up, or at least we'll have time to hire a tech to get all of them removed from the logs so we don't get into trouble". Then the records clerk points out that she would be breaking the law by doing that, and then they all have a nice, long, hearty laugh.

  5. Have you recently heard about bills being drafted about recording in government and city buildings?… These people are scared. I'm going to make a prediction. Nationalist will be used since they love to slander anybody that's not with their agenda to desecrate our country and its values. Rashid twalib, John omar, and Alexandria Avocado Cortex refused to simply disavow antifa and txrrorxsm. Couldn't even say firebombs were bad….

  6. While you are there…tell the pieces of crap to take down the gang symbol of the blue line flag….I fought for that Flag and I don't appreciate these pieces of garbage desecrating the Flag I fought for…….Asswipes.

  7. When dealing with a cop who has misapplied a Statute I always do a PRR on their entire IA and disciplinary history. Almost every time you will find that they have been reprimanded at one time or another for, you guessed it, misapplying a Statute. The ones who are too stupid to do their job correctly typically remain TOO STUPID to do their jobs correctly.

  8. ID 27 – so elated you followed that up and got that info… Really like you guys going after these public records – so many agencies need educating on them – their employees violate the FL Statutes time and time again – there is evidently no end to it. Thanks for helping to keep them "straight" on public records. Be safe…

  9. 👍Another nice audit and content.👍These so called Public Servants are Definitely Confused about who they work for! Thanks for what you do for We The People! Keep up the Good Fight and definitely keep those Cameras Rolling! Peace to you and yours! Live Free and Be Safe out there!

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