Body Cam: Officer Involved Shooting Grand Theft Auto Genius. Salt Lake City

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The Salt Lake City Police Department released body camera footage of an officer-involved shooting after during the arrest of man with a stolen vehicle on 1460 W. at 3:40 pm. January 8th.

Tyler Keaton Webster 20-year-old met with a man who was selling his Mustang on Facebook Marketplace. while the seller was checking the engine Webster jumped in the car and took off. The seller called the Salt Lake City Police.
Webster brought a man with him who took off also.

Tyler Keaton Webster criminal background includes convictions for unlawful sexual activity with a minor and disorderly conduct, false personal identity to a police officer, charged for assault, violation of a protective order, forgery and theft by receiving stolen property according to Salt Lake City Police Captain Ty Farillas.

Webster was administered medical aid immediately following the shooting with non-life-threatening injuries until paramedics arrived on scene. Webster underwent surgery and subsequently released to Adult Parole and Probation agents, who then transported the suspect to the Salt Lake County Jail.

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39 thoughts on “Body Cam: Officer Involved Shooting Grand Theft Auto Genius. Salt Lake City

  1. Officers could've easily avoiding shooting here. The taser cop should have never put himself between the car door and guardrail. Officers need to deescalate and make better decisions. No, the perps past history should have no bearing on how the officers conducted themselves.

  2. I don’t wanna hear that “I have a mental disability“ 🐎 💩. It doesn’t stop you from going around committing criminal acts, or assaulting people, and if you’re not living in an institution, and the state deemed you OK to run around on your own, you’re not disabled enough to not understand the difference between right and wrong and the difference between almost killing a cop or doing as they ordered you to do.

  3. Yeah, they always start crying about how they are sorry when they get caught. And a mental disability? My ass has a mental disability. I don't know if I agree with shooting the guy when a taser would have sufficed, but if he was backing up on purpose when the officer was attempting to open the door, I guess it's a fair shoot.

  4. He should have tried that in the UK or Australia, in fact in most other countries around the world he probably would not have got shot, in the US, not so much.

  5. At 02:22 in the video,…lol

    That OBVIOUS pause in the Cop's voice. That happens when someone is lying.

    AS he's saying that, his pause, likely came from the realization body cams will show the car backing AWAY from the officers.

  6. Criminals get more stupid every day. If you see 👀you are completely surrounded, by Gun's, use your small BRAIN" and save your life " TURD "

    Don't resist, and obey a Police Officers Command. It's that Simple.

  7. Facebook is the biggest scam place. Microsoft should require social security number in order to creat an email so this way people would have only one legit Facebook account and will afraid of scamming or harassing other people.

  8. Everyone knows right from wrong when stealing. No excuses! The fact that Law Enforcement has to dedicate time to publicly explain/justify these incidents is infuriating. I want to take this opportunity to say "THANK YOU" to any and ALL Law Enforcement personnel.

  9. I dont care this pos got shot at all I just hate cops when they describe the situation knowing that they're lying. Like the cop calling it I'm saying that the perp was trying to hit them. No, no he wasnt lying police officer, he was trying to flee, it's not about you.

  10. The Lord Blesses those that Protect His Innocent. Good job. He could’ve killed someone. Also, Pray for the young man.

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