Body Cam: Officer Involved Shooting Female Driver During Protest – San Jose PD June 02 -2020

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The San Jose police department released body camera, helicopter camera footage of an officer involved shooting of Yuridia Ochoa, 23 years old on June 02-2020.

A San Jose police officer shot a 23-year-old woman who allegedly drove her vehicle at him following a pursuit from sideshow activity in the city Tuesday night, police Chief Eddie Garcia said.

Yuridia Ochoa was arrested in a case that began at 9:37 p.m. when officers in a police helicopter spotted a vehicle doing donuts in the area of East Santa Clara Street between Fourth and Fifth streets, according to police.

Ochoa hit a pedestrian and then fled. Officers tried to pursue the vehicle but lost sight of it in the area of North Sixth and Jackson streets. They then found it again shortly afterward in the area of North Sixth and East Mission streets, Garcia said.

When officers approached, Ochoa fled again, hitting a motorcycle officer and knocking him to the ground. She fled on East Mission Street toward North Eighth Street and went into an apartment building’s driveway and down a ramp to a parking garage, the chief said.

Officer on a motorcycle got off his motorcycle and told her “don’t move” but she did and this is when the officer involved shooting occurred.

Ochoa was taken to a hospital to be treated for injuries not considered life-threatening. The officer, who has 13 years of service with the department, was not injured, according to Garcia.

The pedestrian hit during the sideshow is also expected to survive.

Woman Shot, Arrested By San Jose Police After Allegedly Hitting Pedestrian, Officer With Car

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44 thoughts on “Body Cam: Officer Involved Shooting Female Driver During Protest – San Jose PD June 02 -2020

  1. The comments here said everything that needs to be said already. That being said, the police were cleared for use of deadly force after she ran over the bike cop. There was no way that cop was going to let her get away after that

  2. I mean…. yeah… this person was a menace to society. That being said… If you search up, "South Park – It's Coming Right For Us" it really explains typical police mentality on shooting people. This person maybe shouldn't have been gunned down. No, the car was not coming right for the cop. No, his life wasn't in imminent danger. Could the shooting have been justified in the light that this person may have gone on to run more people over? Yes. That I get. That actually makes sense. Still, "It's Coming Right For Us" is way overused with a serious body count attached to it. The minute you give cops a go-to excuse for shooting people, there are going to be the bad apples of the bunch that use it for execution.

    Qualified immunity is being eliminated slowly. This should be done on a federal level as well as in every state. When there are real consequences for police, you get better behaved police. No, police wrongdoing being investigated by the very police doing the wrongdoing isn't consequence. It's a sick joke. Doggone Freemason cops honoring their first oath (no it's not to the constitution it's to Freemasonry) often get away with murder.

    I won't fault this cop. I think in the light of this person being a real and present danger to other people should she get away, justifies execution. I'll say this very clearly… Officer safety is important but DOES NOT supersede personal liberty and/or public safety. Qualified immunity needs to go, period. Freemason cops or any cop belonging to a secret society should ALL be eliminated from the force. A non-Freemason civilian review board should investigate police wrongdoing and have prosecuting power. Police failing to hold their fellow officers accountable to the same laws as the civilians they protect, should be considered complicit in the same crime they're not stopping. Under these circumstances, we should ALL get behind our police.

  3. Bottom line the cops pull you over if you don’t do the right thing they’re going to kill you if you think that rioting is going to help it’s not an all of these politicians that are promising you reform that you think you need it won’t happen either so bottom line just do it the cops tell you when they pull you over and hopefully you don’t get blasted and you get to go home

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