Body Cam: Officer Involved Fatal Shooting Man Carrying a Shotgun. Grass Valley, CA

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Grass Valley, CA —- A Joint Nevada County Sheriff’s Office / Grass Valley Police Department release dash cam and body cam of Critical Incident that occurred on January 1, 2020 – Officer Involved Shooting – Walker Drive at Oak Street

Shortly before 1 pm on Wednesday, January 1, 2020 the Nevada County Regional Dispatch Center received reports of a male subject walking down Squirrel Creek Rd near Adam Avenue with a shotgun over his shoulder. Several law enforcement officers from the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office and Grass Valley Police Department arrived on scene and began conducting an area check. The male subject was located at the intersection of Oak Drive and Walker Drive armed with a suspected firearm. The suspect was given multiple verbal orders to drop the weapon – a taser was deployed but was ineffective. Officers on scene fired their duty weapons striking the subject later identified as Gabriel Strickland 25-year-old. First aid was immediately rendered; however, the subject was later pronounced deceased at Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital.

It was determined later that the shotgun was in fact a Airsoft weapon that mimicked the appearance of a shotgun

In previous contacts the suspect had made statements regarding “suicide by cop” and in a previous contact one firearm was taken for safekeeping.

Two days before he was fatally shot when pointed an altered Airsoft gun at law enforcement, On New Year’s Day, Gabriel Strickland was arrested in Grass Valley after fighting with officers and being found with a loaded handgun and ammunition after a “be on the lookout” alert had been issued describing statements he made about shooting people.

Despite an assessment of being high risk, Strickland was allowed a pre-trial release on Dec. 30 on his own recognizance.

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27 thoughts on “Body Cam: Officer Involved Fatal Shooting Man Carrying a Shotgun. Grass Valley, CA

  1. What, exactly, did you not understand about "DROP THE F***ING GUN"??

    Oh, sorry, suicide by cop, got it. And satan devours another impoverished starving soul. Wow, just … wow.

  2. Why in the hell was a taser deployed when the gun is clearly in the perp’s hand and drawn? I suppose when a knife is visible they will deploy spork! Smh

  3. Why in the hell was a taser deployed when a shotgun is clearly in perp’s hand and drawn? I suppose when a knife is drawn they will pull out a spork from Bojangles!

  4. I’m just waiting for the day where a cop is like, “I really don’t want to have to shoot you and do a fuck ton of paperwork. Could you put the fucking gun down?” Lmao

  5. WOW. Only six minute's and he's dead. I guess a man's life is not worth much to these people. They should not have approached him so soon and put that amount of presure on him. Six minute's. Was it a BB gun or was it real.

  6. "Why dispatch the cops when I see there are several social workers with openings in their schedules in …. another 13 days. Does that work for you?"
    Man, balls of steel to be those 3 cops walking up to face someone who is armed with what looks like a genuine shotgun. "Disturbing"? No, it's reassuring! Defund the police, my ass!

  7. poor guy, i think he had a lot of personal problems and he doesn't care about his life anymore 🙁 If i was the guy who spotted him, i would talk to him a bit… it might have changed the whole situation.

  8. Thumbs up if this video showed the infinite loop and awoke you from the so called Matrix/UnderLightSpeed. Seriously by previous standards I guess I get a Grade D! Don't care though it's so much better here on level 2 and that's a fact. Goddamn weird training program Earth is truly still impressive. haha here i'm forced to take classes just because I feel attached still to level 1.

  9. thought you were allow to carry weapons, you just cant conceal them. Nobody thinks twice where im from if we see someone walking with an AR. They are likely going coyote hunting…we hope.

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