Body Cam: Officer Involved Fatal Shooting. Man Attacking His 85 & 90-year-old Parents. California

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Concord, California northeast of San Francisco –
Concord Police Department – On December 01-2019 at around ‪11:45 am, officers with the Concord Police Department were involved in an officer involved shooting on the 900 block of Oasis Drive.

The 90-year-old father and 85-year-old mother residents called our dispatch center and reported that their son 60-year-old Donald Eversen was acting erratically and was possibly under the influence of drugs and alcohol. They told dispatchers their son was armed with a knife and plastic gun. Neighbors also called in saying the man was in the front yard with a firearm. Officers arrived and tried to talk with the man, but he went back into the house.
The officers then saw an elderly man walk out of the house suffering from serious injuries. When officers got into the home, they found the man straddling his mother while holding a knife. At that point, two officers used their service weapons, Sgt. Josh Graham is a 17-year veteran of the department, and Officer Oscar Rodriguez has been with the department for about a year and a half, police said. Both were placed on administrative leave after the shooting.
Officers provided medical aid to both elderly victims and the man, but the 60-year-old son was pronounced dead at the scene.

The elderly residents were transported to a local hospital where they are being treated for serious injuries.

Anytime force is used, it is tragic. Our thoughts are with the man’s family during this difficult time. The City of Concord and the Concord Police Department are working with investigators from the Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office to investigate the incident.
More information will be provided as available. Anyone with information regarding this case may contact the Concord Police Department Investigations Division at ‪(925)-671-3030, or the Concord Police Department confidential “tip line” at ‪(925)-603-5836-556

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39 thoughts on “Body Cam: Officer Involved Fatal Shooting. Man Attacking His 85 & 90-year-old Parents. California

  1. They definitely should have locked all the doors while he was outside. Put something between you and the armed crazy person. And I'm not sure why the dispatcher didn't suggest that as well.

  2. Being safe is important, but i cant help but think of how much time was spent doing set up for what ended up being a rushed and dangerous breach anyways. I only mean that watching this in the format its been displayed i wonder if he was stabbing and beating those poor old people while the cops were around the corner deciding their plan of approach OR if he started to injure them when he saw the cops set up outside. For the record the first person we see with the blood on the face i initially thought was the son. I was suprised, and then horrified to see where the son WAS. Im very happy to hear the parents survived. I feel like that should of been in the video and not something i read in the comments, but maybe i missed it.

  3. 9:20 she's saying the gun is fake because at even this level of trouble the son is dishing out at her and his father she don't want him harmed. But she's about to get a cold harder lesson on what tough love is when those cops bust throw the door and see her condition.

  4. You have no choice in the situation when the 1st thing you hear coming through the door is "I'm gonna kill her"! My goodness.😔 I don't know the history. I don't know how good of parents they were. I don't know why a 60+ individual is still living with their 80+ parents. I'll just sigh at it all at this point.

  5. Difficult to watch elderly people getting abused, the suspect deserved to get his butt kicked. I know the dispatcher is only doing her job but OMFG how frustrating. Uh, officers "staging" outside to determine how they want to handle. Plastic gun – like a Glock (I know its polymer get off me). At least like in domestics the mother didn't yell out "Don't hurt him."

  6. Old people like really that's not helping him shit best thing they can do is not help or let him back in the house….there helping him get money drugs cars an place used drugs. Utt oook he's in the house lol wow

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