Behind Bars: Hard Time Pt.4 | Extra Long Episode

Officers are waging a war against a flood of contraband cellphones at Georgia’s Smith State Prison, where access to a mobile device means power on the inside and a connection to the outside. At Hays State Prison in Geogria, inmates are planning a peaceful sit-in to protest their living conditions, but prisoners heavily outnumber officers, who are preparing for the worst. Meet the inmates at Hays State Prison in Georgia who swear that prison has changed them – some for the better, perhaps, and some for the worse. The largest prison in Georgia known as Jackson absorbs a flood of new inmates, while three prisoners struggle to adapt to the reality of life behind bars.

“Hard Time” is an exclusive, groundbreaking documentary series that takes a look behind the scenes of US high security prisons and immerses viewers in the brutality of life there. Prisoners, guards, wardens, families – these are stories full of desperation and hope, truth and consequence. In season 1 we accompany new prisoners and young prison guards in training. Season 3 takes us on a year-long journey behind bars in an Ohio prison, where respect is hard-earned, violence is a constant threat, and reparation is hard to come by. “This is World War III, and we fight it every day,” says a bitter prison guard in Season 3, which takes us to two notorious state prisons in Georgia, one of which is an all-woman prison. By focusing on a small number of inmates and guards in each episode, the series spans a strong and often heartbreaking web of lost souls.

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44 thoughts on “Behind Bars: Hard Time Pt.4 | Extra Long Episode

  1. Your state prison is to soft. Your warden and prison guard is soft. But if you experience life in prison in…………. You will never do this kind of wrongdoing. It's more hard and tough if elephant lock there it will die. That's why our criminal if they get caught and sentenced to prison they will kill themselves. Don't have courage to live there for a one second.

  2. The most comedic part about this whole is that the prison guards think they run the prison. If the prisoners wanted to and if they organized enough to work together they could easily overthrow that staff and take control of that facility. There's only so much a person can take before they break. Everyone has a breaking point, I don't care who you are.

  3. I notice that nearly all the guards are black. nearly ALL except for 2 . and most the convicts are white. this is for sure a turn for the hilarious

  4. also known as a " BUTT PHONE " these things go up those convicts arses. on the daily. these guards just touch them like they came out of the box. hahahahahaha. butt phone. how you think they get in

  5. Meanwhile the real criminals rule in every countrys. I've always said so "THE GOVERNMENT CANNOT FIGHT CORRUPTION BECAUSE CORRUPTION IS THE GOVERNMENT"

  6. This just reminds me to not misbehave and be a good husband to my wife, a good father to my daughter and not end up in a prison

  7. 1:58:45 I'd say it's more of being a Scrap Metal Merchant there's loads of people in the UK that make good money from selling scrap metal, it's better than calling himself a 'scavenger'.

  8. That "wup" or whatever gibberish they're saying as acknowledgement sounds really retarded. And secondly, why don't they have security cameras in the factory and strip search of the inmates before they leave everyday?

    I think these prison guards are putting up a show for the TV cameras. Once the camera crew leaves, it'd be business as usual with the COs working as the suppliers of cellphones and contraband.

  9. It's TRUE what someone said it must be the wardens bringing in these contraband. Theres been no visitors no parcels .because parcels are searched visitors are put two and two together.these American documentary's are all lies and set up in advance.surely they don't think everyone is as stupid as them .the games up.admit it

  10. That black hairdresser was talking some bollox when he said the convicts have been away from their family’s for years and they will pay £20 dollars a phone call just to talk to their family’s ? That’s bollox because you can buy phone cards every week out of your canteen money so you can speak to your people. Inmates will only pay £20 dollars a phone call to another inmate when they are setting up some kind of drug deal or getting money sent to another inmates account which is owed so it has nothing to do with missing their family and all that bollox.

  11. Haha Radio lad has good qualifications and sense of humour. catch me if u can….saying it in a prison.

  12. Hard to believe some of these people don't realize that people all over the world are watching them, because they've never used the internet or perhaps never heard of it even. Kinda weird how our world just keeps evolving while they're somewhat stuck in the time they've been locked up.

  13. Most anything is easy to smuggle into a secure facility. Just CASE IT. Simple. They wondering how so many cell phones get in well CASING IT there's your answer. Everyone knows this method weather you've been inside or not. Huge problem especially cell phones. The administration is right! It's a problem because yes the inmates could organize a prison break or even use Facebook. Getting worse and worse.

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