26 thoughts on “Barricaded Man Refuses to Exit Apartment – LAPD

  1. I have said time and time again. And will say it till something is done about law enforcement today. In this day and age ( as the cops always say ) we no longer have police that protect and serve. We don't even have law enforcement. What we have is ego tripping out of control bullies with guns and badges ,that use gestapo tactics on the public that pay them. The police are no longer professional officers. They are gang members out to get you And they wonder why there is a disconnect with the police and the public.. Always record the police, you just may save a life.

  2. Anyone notice at 5:36 the cop turns around and says “alright” and then immediately notice he’s being recorded and signals to the other cop hey what’s up with the guy recording. His whole demeanor changed and he went into professional mode…what were they about to do or did they do something against protocol?

  3. Each officer needs recoil space in the event they have to back up quickly, move to the side, or drop low. Officer violate this quiet often and stack at the door, each wanting to play point, and perhaps each want to shoot. Come to find out they where all on the wrong side of a door that opens at them.

  4. Onus News Service I really appreciate the fact that you continue to go out in the field and document police activity despite all the craziness going on in the world these days. You put out quality videos that give the viewers a real life sense of what is happening. You sir are a legendary journalist.

  5. If they had a warrant for entry, they would have entered. This guy should have left the door locked, turned up some music, and waited them out. Never, under any circumstances leave your home when "police" are present. There is nothing good that can come of it. Sounds like someone lied in order to have "police" destroy this man's life, and even if that gets cleared up, he'll be facing several charges unrelated to the reporting party that will not go away – including felony resisting arrest that will insure that he can never get a job again for as long as he lives. We all need to start treating our "police" as the armed occupying force they are, and do everything we can to protect ourselves against them.

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