Audit gone wrong – Arrested for NOT going inside! Colorado Springs police – original video go sub and let him know I sent you



Official statement from the police department.

They have body camera (here’s policy)

To our community— (no body camera posted)

We are aware of the video circulating online that shows the arrest of a 1st amendment auditor for interfering. The call volume our communication center is receiving regarding this incident is impacting the wait time for our community members needing police services.

What is not shown in the video is the interaction that actually led to this arrest. The individual was not arrested for filming or for the video he posted. About 30 minutes before the arrest, the individual, who was armed, interfered with officers who were investigating a strong-armed armed robbery. The auditor refused several lawful orders to leave the active crime scene for everyone’s safety. While officers were attempting to take the robbery suspect into custody, the individual continued to ignore the officers’ lawful orders and remained in the crime scene. He was informed several times he would be arrested for interfering.

What is captured on the video is the auditor, who has now moved to the other side of the scene, approaching an officer who is guarding one of the robbery suspects and using the vehicle for cover as he maintains sight of a second location where an additional suspect is believed to be hiding. When resources were available, the auditor was taken into custody for interfering, which he was warned about several times. Officers explained to the auditor that he was not being arrested for filming on the sidewalk, but was arrested for his actions in the crime scene.

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  1. Cops can say all they want that they didn't arrest for filming but they make up reasons to arrest anyone for any reason when they fell like it.

  2. Ok, let's see the body cam views of what the CSPD is alleging happened. If they release them right away, CSPD may be telling the truth. If they drag their feet as usual or worse, they are probably lying as usual.

  3. The court of public opinion finds the officers 👮‍♀️ guilty of failing to identify & unlawful arrest and kidnapping for filming which is a 1st amendment protected activity. There was not interference and the auditor was clearly on a public sidewalk that was not taped off with crime scene tape. The cops were being pushy & arrogant when they said” your 1st amendment right lead you to a charge. What dopes! LAWSUIT!

  4. Intentionally blocking the view of the camera is obstruction of justice and interfering with the freed of the press; aggravated by nature of armed and/or trained law enforcement subjects.

  5. There is no police tape up. All those cops with all those cars and none have tape or time to put it up? Seems like they have plenty of time to harass him though.

  6. `Hey people i been posting this for over 2 years >>>> People, WE the PEOPLE has got to put a stop to the tyrant cop that is killing Black people left and right!! WE the PEOPLE has to put a stop to police brutality!! And The ONLY way WE the PEOPLE can do this is turn the tables back on the tyrants!! When 40 or 50 tyrants are taken off the streets Then WE the PEOPLE can start trusting Police Officer again!!!

  7. The officers messed up saying they are arresting him for auditing. Next turning off the camera, that statement the police put out was just damage control to cover-up their officer's misconduct to the public. The officers on scene bodycam footage will show what they were planning.

  8. I really want to see the LEO's body cam footage too. Hopefully it has the whole interaction on it, for the auditor's sake. That "missing" part of this is where the cops start making up their own narrative. Regardless or not of it conforms to the reality of the situation.
    Always FTP 📸👮‍♂️🎥

  9. But hurt LEOs lost their suspect so they just had to take someone in to jail–condescending shits… you know your rights… Ft(bad)P, never did he interfere, piss on them.

  10. Flex your Freedoms has also done a follow up audit of co springs pd and they are terrible. Sad how much they despise the public.

  11. No more we investigated ourselves and found that we did nothing wrong. No more paid vacation when cops do something wrong. Is time to remove qualified immunity.

  12. Obstruction
    A person commits obstruction if he or she intentionally obstructs, impairs, or hinders the performance of a governmental function by a public servant
    By using or threatening to use
    violence, force, or physical interference or obstacle.

    Obviously this statute does not apply here in this encounter
    Whoever the deprivation of rights under color of law does

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