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Always wanted to ask a cop a general question about law enforcement or any current events as they relate to policing? Mike the Cop goes live to field your questions for a while! Don’t get your question answered here, join the discord pig pen and we have an ask a cop section there as well.

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27 thoughts on “Ask a Cop LIVE

  1. I appoligize if topic request get annoying especially from a new veiwer but hear it is. I personally would enjoy hearing your perspective and thoughts of that video shown on YouTube of a "ghetto" officer that calls out and swamps dude in a fist fight and doesn't arrest him idk if you seen it but I will share the link in the next comment. Tbh I veiw the video as a street fight more than one not doing what one was supposed to be doing or if one is wrong for doing so. But I do feel it has some great examples of unknowledgeable people telling the officer what he is and isn't allowed to do. I figure you would have some funny/serious things you can say about it. Once again I apologise if you have been requested this before or have already discussed it.

  2. ADVISE:
    You should give out a prize of someone to winning a Ride-A-Long with you for one day while you on shift!! Shit I would come there from Seattle for a ride-A-Long with Mike The Cop!!

  3. Shame I missed it, but I did have a question, is there a link between the body fat percentages of tazed perps that aren't effected by the tazer? I've seen evidence of it online, but not sure. Is there an actual study on this?

  4. To the first question. Negligent discharge would be a better term usually I'm not one to argue semantics but in this case the term "accident" kinda feels a little like "oh these things happen, a little fender bender no, big deal" but negligent discharge especially if someone is hurt should be treated as if you meant to pull the trigger unless it was some freak thing like 1 in a billion chance that the inner workings of the pistol go awry and take on a life of,their own, but I don't think that's case 99.9999 times out of 100

  5. Mike, love the videos and I have a semi serious question.

    So I like in a highly populated suburban area just outside of Houston Texas, we have cops everywhere, countless speed traps and as a motorcycle rider I have pretty much all of them memorized. Anyways so we have this populated area with a ton of cops giving out a ton of ticket, but EVERY TIME I see a cop (not in a speed trap) they aren't using their blinkers, speeding, random lane changes, and all around questionable driving. I really am not holding them to perfection because I understand that isn't fair, its quite obvious to me they dont seem to respect the rules they themselves are so strict on! I have been pulled over for both minor things and times when I just got happy on the throttle and every time I get pulled over the cop has been very respectful as am I to them so im not hating on them I think they are some cool people, so what do you think about the bad driving?

    Sidenote: I used to pass this one cops state inspection even tho his viper didn't have a catalytic converter on it and thats how I actually got to know some cops cuz I would pass their race cars on their state inspection lol!

  6. Sorry I missed the live stream, but I have something to share with you. An officer from Terre Haute, Indiana, Rob Pitts, was killed in action. His funeral was yesterday. A local TV station, WAWV, pre-empted all broadcasting from 11 AM to about 5:30 PM (including the Ellen DeGeneres Show) for live coverage of the funeral, procession to the county he grew up in, and the burial. I assume they lost a lot of ad revenue, but they did it for the right reasons. Thousands attended. It was very moving. If that's not humanizing the badge, I don't know what is. Please give a shout-out to them.

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