Arrest of T.I. After Attempting to Enter His Own Gated Community (Unpublished Dash Cam Video)

This video – a Real World Police exclusive – is a new supplement to a series of four surveillance and body worn camera videos from this incident. That series was published on this channel in late-April 2019.

This dash cam video has not been published elsewhere prior.

On Wednesday, May 16, 2018 at approximately 4:43 am, Henry County Police Department officers were dispatched to the Eagles Landing Country Club located at 100 Eagles Landing Way in McDonough, Georgia, in reference to a male subject later identified as Clifford Harris (“T.I.”) yelling at the front gate security guard because he would not let him in. To his own house. Dispatch advised responding officers that they could hear Mr. Harris yelling through the phone.

On arrival officers met with Mr. Harris and with his friend, Marquinarius Holmes. When asked what was the problem, Mr. Harris stated that when he pulled up to the guard shack, he observed the guard – Euwan James – sleeping. This can clearly be seen in the first of the four videos previously published. When Mr. Harris woke the guard, Harris asked to be let in, but the guard refused, claiming that he did not know who T.I. was… even after he identified himself and his wife Tiny called the guard shack.

James finally opened the gate and allowed T.I. in, but T.I. was less than thrilled with the guard’s guarding and he requested the guard’s name. Surprisingly, James refused to identify himself to Harris, who grew more irate before jumping back in his swank ride and driving home — only to walk back for another attempt at getting the guard’s name. No dice the second time around, either, as instead of getting the guard’s name, Harris got arrested.

When a responding officer spoke with the guard (who is referred to in the report as “Officer James”), James is *reported by the officer* as having provided the following information:

When Harris pulled up James asked Harris for his name and where was he going. Harris replied, “Harris, hook me up!”* James did not recognize Harris and did not let him in the gate. In response, stated James, Harris started to use profanity, yelling at him to open the gate. James then opened the gate and let him inside the neighborhood. James further stated that Harris subsequently walked back to the gate and was threatening him, and added that Mr. Holmes had arrived after Mr. Harris.

When asked for specifics of the kind of threats Harris had made, James is reported as having stated that Harris asked him to “come outside so they can deal with it,” however James wrote on his statement that Harris stated “come outside so we can deal with this man to man,” and “Let go in the street.” (It’s not clear that Harris said any either of those two sentences.) James stated he felt threatened by Harris because he told him that he would come back and he did. The guard added that he “did not know what Harris was going to do.” James’ supervisor Andrea Stone advised she witnessed Harris yelling at James.

This is the complete dash camera footage from the police car driven by Officer N. Gibbs of Henry County Police Department.

*The recording seems to clearly indicate that T.I. said, “Harris, look me up,” — and not “Harris, hook me up.”


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29 thoughts on “Arrest of T.I. After Attempting to Enter His Own Gated Community (Unpublished Dash Cam Video)

  1. That cop is a real piece of shit. He wanted to make the security guard to press charges. This cop knew arresting a famous rapper would be good for his ego. People like that shouldn't be cops.

  2. Freaking wussy I you think he's gonna bye a a couple million dollar house and deal with this that hoa. And they just lost a really really rich person that used to be your customer but I'm sure your gonna have to hire a shit security security now . No one with a reliable security business

  3. If t.i. is clearly intoxicated like the officer is heard saying,I can't tell whatsoever. He speaks clearly and with intellect. To pay 100k a year in hoa fees,and get arrested for not being allowed into your own community, I'm telling u, I would b a lot more hostile myself.t.i. 100% comes across as polite,and respectful as a human can be.obviously a jealous cop who is quoted saying "I don't put up with stupidity, that's #1"(38:24),stupidity isn't a crime.amd again, wanting to get into your own community isn't stupidty.this cop does nothing but waste tax payers time and money with the arrest of t.i.,shameful

  4. The cop asked the supervisor if TI "doesn't think that his shit stinks" !? And then he giggles. I have not seen the other videos, but when a cop giggles you know something ain't right.

  5. This big-o white cop was just mad because he thought he was rolling up on a black man robbing the place and he couldn't shoot him, PERIOD! You could see his attitude from the get go. No matter what, he was going to arrest a black man tonight. Be he the gate keeper or T.I. As far as he was concerned, some black man was going to jail.

  6. They arresting Tip for THAT shit ?! You got to be kidding me ! That guard ain't right man, id be pissed too ! I live gated any part of their job is knowing who comes lives within. Thats bogus man

  7. From the beginning I don’t like the cop and how he’s talking to T.I. You can tell he’s not on his side. Police shouldn’t always side with security. Security can be regular every day joes depending on the company.

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