AOC: A Thief in a Pretty Dress

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I wanted to video this but didn’t really have time to edit snd be as precise with my words as I wanted to be. Will work on improving for this format or style of “blog casting” 💪🏻

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36 thoughts on “AOC: A Thief in a Pretty Dress

  1. This is a perfect example of why meat head cops shouldn't try talking about economics, politics, or philosophy. This gave me a migraine listening to. Also, if you're gonna spend 5 minutes ranting incoherently, can you at least use words you know the meaning to? You have no idea what a Marxist is – if you did, you would know she's not even close to being one. Cops are gangsters with badges, stick to what you know.

  2. It's sad how little brown nosing the conservative establishment has to do to win over most cops. Although I guess " kill whomever you want we won't do anything about it" probably sounds appealing to some cops. I don't care who you vote for but law enforcement needs oversight for obvious reasons, any opposition to that is treachery. FOP unions became a tool for authoritarian use of force but conservative elites don't care because they are also excellent fundraising platforms.

  3. In other news: water wet.
    The rich has been doing this since the days of peasants and kings.
    I dare say perhaps it’d be better to go back to a time when we killed tyrants instead of eating out of their palms. But the people would still much rather eat cake. Ah, if only.

  4. Many people don’t understand when they are getting played like fools.. that’s why they get mad when you say tax the rich..People will immediately point out how much the rich pay and how much the rest of us pay … it’s not about how much you pay but the amount you pay in conjunction with your income . Let’s not forget about fines either .. if I made $400 dollars in a week and I was stuck paying $400 dollars for a traffic ticket that same week.. does that mean someone who makes $400,000 will pay the same percent as I did for that same speeding ticket ? What about when gas goes up due to a gas tax and I’m paying 40-60 dollars every time I fill up and I’m only bringing homes 1700 a month … fines taxes and deductions are made for the middle class and under not the rich… people who are very wealthy don’t even pay taxes , they pay people to find loopholes and avoid them.. The military spent over 60 trillion dollars the past decade on pointless wars.. do think they got that money by taxing the rich ?? If you do then you are a complete idiot… If we want the rich to actually start putting in their fair share then if I have to a fine that’s damn near 45% of my monthly income then so does a millionaire or billionaire … if I’m spending a lot my income at the gas tank … then the same should be for the rich … if it cost me 40-60 bucks hell it should cost them 40,000 to 60,000 maybe even more depending on their income !!! Stop letting people tell you the only money you spend on taxes can be shown on your W-2.. you pay way more than that and it’s take a lot out of you income!!

  5. It's a dress. Pretty Dress? I guess I have a different idea of "Pretty". Flowers are pretty and imperfectly perfect. This dress is tacky and classless. The fact that someone paid $30,000 for it? Makes it look worse because, people are struggling to survive due to the actions of this self professed Socialist and her communist cohorts. Yet! She can spend some family's yearly income on a dress that's value is probably less than a gallon of Biden gas. For one night, to make a statement that's plastered on this already tacky dress. Tax the Rich…? Who's the message for? Those that have nothing and feel entitled to what you've earned because, they don't want to put in the work and earn their own? Take from those that produce and employ others that earn their money. No one with an ounce of self respect would ever demand the fruits of another man's labor without working for it. America is the only place that a man can wake up broke and be a millionaire before bed time. You are never limited by anything but, yourself in America. How does anyone owe you anything you didn't earn? Tax the Rich? How about, "Get A JOB or STARVE"? That's a message with substance and easily understood by everyone. Put that on an old Fruit of the loom T-shirt with pit stains. Give me $30,000 I'm investing it into my family's future. I wonder what $30,000 for that dress ended up… I bet not a single penny went to those entitled communist Followers of AOC and Bernie Sanders. Nope… That money is securing some lobbyists agenda. It's "donations" right? I hate these people and AOC has enough ugly inside of her that it spills out of her and makes her just as ugly on the outside and anything attached to her can't pretty her up. She devalues everything around her, including the people around her. That Dress Would be prettier if it contained AOCs corpse. At least it would be used more than once before being hung up in a closet to never be of use to anyone…

  6. Wow Mike, you've gone completely off your rocker. First, taxation is provided for in the Constitution. Second, AOC didn't pay for the dress or ticket. Third, you're gonna quote the bible & talk about Jesus while trashing a woman? Unsubscribe. ACAB.

  7. Remember when she demanded higher salaries for Congress?

    AOC is disgustingly rich, as evidenced by the fact that she had not crossed paths with a garbage disposal until a few months into office.

  8. Inequality is the issue you said in the numbers. Capitalism biggest flaw is GREED and in a society where GREED is the motive. Something needs to change and NO I dont mean Marxism or communism. But if the world and society are to prosper something needs to change.
    We currently allow planned obsolescence in the products we buy so the people making money on us will continue to do so because their products are designed to break. Water shortages around the world is an easy solution but it will never happen because there is no profit in it. Our mind set is corrupted we have been trained to just accept this for what it is and ANYBODY that proposes a different way will be labeled communist.

    Wake up people we only have this ONE planet and in the last 200 years humans have almost destroyed it in the name of profit. War is profit for those elite too betting the half truths that encourage a country to war is for profit not a cause

  9. I'm the furthest thing from a rich guy, but don't the wealthiest people in our society pay the biggest percentage of taxes?
    Oh, Mike quotes the numbers, over 85% taxes on the rich? Wow, wealthy people have to be very humble to just pay that every year, that's insane.

  10. Mike, i have been hearing you getting closer and closer to the truth…from what you have been saying, it sounds like you are truly starting to see whats going on here. Yahshua warned us along time ago of what was to come.

  11. Everyone should pay 20% taxes across the board. That would be enough to cover all necessary expenses the government uses taxes for and no one could complain about some paying less and others paying more.

  12. I literally only clicked on this video to tell you her dress is not pretty. It's some weird-looking wedding dress with pocket flaps that don't fit properly. She should have stuck with the rule of not wearing white after labor day. The graffiti actually improves the look, giving all that open, white space some purpose, at least.

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